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Flyin’ Away: Non-Winning Artisan Award Project #1


It is with a heavy heart that I start posting these projects. I do love participating in the Artisan Award contest each year but each year have to post them here because I don’t win. I have been a past finalist but it just isn’t the same. I’m competitive. I like to win. I guess I don’t know what SU is looking for obviously or they are looking for a style that is not mine – and to stray from own style just to win is something I’m not prepared to do.  So, lucky you! You get to view them all here and now I have 10 posts added to my summer pre-post arsenol!

This is the first project I made and it was the one I knew exactly how it’d look and it didn’t stray too far from the original plan. I actually was inspired by a business card to make this. If I can find the link I’ll show you!

The base is Naturals Ivory. I love this paper. And the other colours I used were Basic Black, Very Vanilla and Crumb Cake (for shading and inside stamping).

I sewed some Newsprint designer paper to one side, clear embossed images from Plane and Simple on the other and made two cut outs in the centre of the front of the pocket to show the inside sentiment. I embossed the plane and cut it out and added “original” from Art By Design.

For the inside, I stamped various images from Plane and Simple along with a sentiment from Always. The top corner is rounded and I added a Basic Black button and some 3/8″ Twill tape. Now don’t forget about the back! This is actually my most favourite part!

At the top you’ll see the notch that shows the button and twill on the insert piece. Again, I sewed some Newsprint designer paper down one side and folded up the bottom with rounded corners.

I used my Scallop Square punch and 1″ circle to make a little peekaboo circle. It is kept on with Trinkets. And, if you look closely, the compass from Plane and Simple is embossed with clear embossing powder on the black cardstock.

I think this is the one project I’d like to have back. I just loved it. Oh well, c’est la vie! Maybe we can find it on the boards at Convention – that is where all my entries seem to end up….

Hope you have a great day and thanks for joining me on my creative journey.

27 thoughts on “Flyin’ Away: Non-Winning Artisan Award Project #1

  1. I’m so sorry your projects didn’t get the Artisian Award–I LOVE them, and your projects often catch my eye on Stampin Connection! There is always next year–keep trying!

  2. I love this one! I might CASE the idea but change up the stamp set (i don’t have the plane one). I think your idea to use “original” in such a unique was was brilliant.

  3. You’re a winner in my book! Every time I find a cute card, it’s you! (or a few other people but always the same people)!! Very cute!

  4. oh, I TOTALLY get what you’re feeling as I feel the same way … what an AMAZING project you’ve created here! Love love love the black and cream, love the stamping, love the layout. Heck, I love it all! Carrie, you are WONDERFULLY talented! *never* forget that 🙂

  5. Someone needs to give them a shake up! This card is FABULOUS! Love all the interesting features and details you have added, Carrie! A total winner in my books 🙂

  6. Carrie, sometimes I wonder what SU’s style is too…’s certainly not mine! I love all your projects–you’re a winner in my book any day of the week. This is just the coolest thing–you have amazing ideas, and this is right up there at the top!

  7. Carrie – I have to say you’re one of the most talented stampers out there. I have “must see” blogs that I visit everyday, and you’re one of the top five I visit. Your ideas and color combos really inspire me! I’m disappointed for you, but please know you are an inspiration to all of us who visit your blog day in and day out! Keep of the good work!

  8. This is so cool! You’re an amazingly talented lady!

  9. u rock, baby! i luv your work and look forward to seeing each new card u make. no worries if u don’t win tangible awards. u r a winner with me!

  10. This is fabulous! The attention to small details is amazing. I visit your site everyday to see what you’ve come up with because I know it’s always going to be something wonderful. You have amazing talent. Forget about the contest – we all love you!

  11. Do not stray from your style girl! Not one little bit! This is so detailed and creative I’d want it back too. Let’s see if we find it on a board at Convention I will create a diversionary ruckus and you can grab it and run 🙂

  12. Your projects are fabulous. I’m so sorry they didn’t win but they are a constant inspiration to me. SU is missing out!!!! but all of us who have your blog “marked” as a winners. Keep up the EXCELLENT work and know that you’re a winner with thousands who really appreciate you.

  13. Wow, Carrie! This is amazing! Love the color choices and all of the gorgeous details with the dsp.

  14. Do not get discouraged! Your project is unbelievably awesome and so creative and that is why I subscribe to your blog. I am so going to use this idea sometime. Great card!!

  15. Someone really, reallly messed up!!! I love this card and wish we would make it at our card club. Thank goodness I have the stamps. Now I just have to find some paper that will work…


  17. I never understand the Artisan Awards either. Some of the winning projects are way less than what I would expect to win an award like that.
    Keep to your own style… make AMAZING projects.

  18. Carrie — your work is truly amazing and your sense of style incredible! I honestly cannot imagine you NOT getting the artisan award. You would definitely get my vote as one of THE BEST!

  19. Your talent is absolutely amazing and I am so sorry that SU has still not recognized you for it. I am a demo also and your projects always blow me away with their attention to detail, colors and originality. This card blew me away – it is fabulous. I wish I could borrow your amazing creative brain for even a few hours because I LOVE everything you did on this card. Thank you so much for so willingly sharing your talent with the rest of us. I look forward to see the rest of your artisan projects as I see you as a winner!!

    Blessings to you!

  20. It is with mixed feelings that I view this beautiful work! I’m so thrilled that you are sharing them and sad you didn’t win. This is amazing!! So much wonderful detail with one of my favorite sets! Can’t wait to see the rest of your “winning in our eyes” projects!

  21. This is amazing! I honestly don’t know how you didn’t win Artisan Award, it boggles my mind!!!

  22. This is absolutely beautiful!! Sorry SU didn’t pick up on this. This is definately a winner in my book!

  23. This is an amazing Creation! Wowza! so many details…like all you do, its beautiful and full of fabulousness!!!

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  25. Oh Carrie! (((HUGS))) You do AMAZING work and I love seeing your posts! You’re a winner as far as I’m concerned!

  26. If a people’s choice award were possible, I’m sure you’d be número UNO !! That’s my humble opinion at least. You’re an over the top, bonafide, über talented, no doubt about it WINNER!!!

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