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Time to Say Good-Bye


As many of you know, my stamping has taken a back seat to other aspects of my life these past six months. I have started working full time and with that, I have found my time with my growing kids has diminished and I want to be there as much as I can. With that (and many other factors in mind) is saddens me to inform you all that I will be resigning as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.
Thank you all so much for your friendship, companionship, trust and joy. I have enjoyed every moment with all of you!
Please let me know if you’d like a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator referral and I will gladly send along some names your way.
I will be selling off all my stamping goodies – both customer and demonstrator items – very soon! I will keep you posted on that one. And, I will be placing one LAST CHANCE order! This will be done on April 30th – so please contact me by April 30th at noon to get in on this order. Each order will get a special gift from me!
Again, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives.
At this time I don’t know what this means for the blog. I’m going to keep everything up for a bit and may create from time to time….or maybe not.
Thank you for the adventure.


38 thoughts on “Time to Say Good-Bye

  1. Carrie,
    I’ve missed you! Every now and then I’d think about writing to see if you were thinking about making another card because I’ve just missed your distinctive style. But it’s so important to follow your heart and I applaud you for that. Thank you for the update and all the best to you. (Looking forward to see what you’re selling though! Ha ha!)

  2. Oh Carrie, I want to cry:( I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the years, particularly last years convention… (woof, woof:) teehee. I know that you will be tremendously successful in whatever you do. You are AMAZING!

  3. Glad I had the privilege of meeting u and will miss the great work

  4. You are one of the most creative people I know and I am so glad we got to meet in Salt Lake City! Enjoy those kiddos – they are up and gone before you know it! You rock girl! xoxox

  5. Carrie, I’m really going to miss your brilliant designs and lovely personality. I almost cannot believe what I’m reading. But family comes first. And life changes. And things happen. I think it is important that each person decide what is best for them and their family. And blessings to you on your decision.
    All the best…

  6. Carrie,

    I understand your need to find time for your family, it is the most important thing. But…never stop finding a little time to create!!! You are an amazing talent and I hope you will still share whatever you can with us! (Not too selfish of me, eh?) Best of Luck in all you do!

  7. I’m sad….ggggrrr!! I just found you a few yr. ago & I just met you at 2011 conv…on the east coast (CANADA) what will I do without your posts? I am gonna miss you, friend!! Good luck, you’ve made so many people proud, happy travels & do drop in, please!!

  8. I will miss you, Carrie. Your’s was one of the first blogs that I started following.
    Best of luck in your new adventures….I know you will do well and be happy.

  9. While family is first, the creative community will miss your artistic voice and contributions. I’m sad.

  10. Carrie, I’ve been on a 6 mo SU break myself due to health stuff. I work full time and, in the past, have hosted monthly classes and ran a club. It seems to be an all consuming fire to do this and work full time–and I don’t have small children anymore! Therfore, I wholeheartedly encourage you in your decision to put you & your family first and I also encourage you to keep your creative fire stoked for yourself if nothing else. You are an incredibly gifted artist, in my opinion, and I personnally would love to continue to see your work. So there, I’ve cast my vote for you to live happily everafter, even if you never stamp again all the while hoping that you will. Love you much,Carrie and will miss you more.

  11. Carrie-
    I am so glad I got the opportunity to meet you at convention last year. My sister and I sat with you at the make and take and were in awe with you and your talents. Your blog has been an inspiration to me and I hope you keep it up for posterity so it can be referenced for great color combos and card layouts. Maybe you will just create for you and still post from time to time.

  12. Carrie

    So sorry to hear the news you will be leaving SU. I have loved your creations and cased many. You will be sorely missed. But, as SU always says it’s about family and family comes first. Know that I will be thinking of you and nothing is in stone that you can’t come back one day right?

  13. Carrie,
    I am happy for you but sad for all of us that check your blog for inspiration. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  14. I’ve only been following you for a few months but I wanted to let you know that I’ve loved your modern take on what can be a fairly traditional craft. I know that these decisions are difficult but times and circumstances change and we need to put our priorities straight. I work full-time, too, and only have a dog, not kids, and I know it’s hard to keep everything going. Good luck and I hope we hear from you from time to time.

  15. Oh, pooh. And pass the tissue. This is not good news for the rest of us, who adore you and your fabulous stamping style. Wishing you only the best of everything and a world of happiness always. We will miss you. xoxo

  16. Hi Carrie! I’m sorry as well, that I won’t be seeing your awesome and fun work. There are several times I’ve been stuck on a project, trying to be hip and not fuddy-duddy, and wondered What Would Carrie Do?! You have been so much fun to cheer for, and I do hope you will still nurse your artistic soul. You are truly special! Erika

  17. So sorry to see you go, but you know want, all the best is yet to come.

  18. Carrie,

    I am saddened that we will no longer be able to see your fantastic designs, that is unless you will still be blogging once in a while?????? 🙂 Even though you will no longer be a demo, you are very talented and it would be wonderful to see your fabulous creations again once in awhile.

    With that said, I realize it was probably a tough decision, so I do wish you and your family all the best.


  19. Good Luck!!!!! We will miss you but I think you are taking the best decision the family should always come fist.



  20. Will miss you. Take care and Good luck with this your new journey.

  21. oh how I will mis your creativity that you have so wonderfully shared with us all ~ All the best Carrie! Family is the most important decision!

  22. You are super mega talented, do not give up on stamping, just do it for fun now. Take down all the S.U. stuff and start buying some contraband and let us all know what you are making. I have two jobs and my poor neglected blog gets an upload every now and again, it helps to keep me in touch with my creative side. Hope to see some uploads in the future. 🙂

  23. Oh Carrie, I’m so sad to see you go. Who will entertain us with those fabulous fascinators at convention in the future? I’m so glad to have met you and learned from your amazing talent. Good luck in the future. Sandra

  24. Wow, I am so sad to read that news. You definitely need to do what’s best for you, but you will be missed. You are one of my favorite stampers and have such a great creative mind.

    Good luck with everything!
    [big hugs]

  25. Carrie,
    You will be truly missed. You style was one of a kind and I loved receiving your cards in several swaps. Your site is always my go to site when I’m having a creative block. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. Brandi

  26. Carrie, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for sharing your great talent with all us stamp-a-holics!! I would check your blog every day to see what new designs you came up with and I have missed you like crazy. The stamping world will miss you but I sure understand how family and changes in your working status doesn’t allow time for stamping. I wish you well in all you do. It was a pleasure to know you through your art work! Well wishes to you and your family!

  27. Well, boo. This is the exact opposite of the news I was hoping for when I came by today. Of course your RL children are more important than your blog-followers, but you know we will all be hoping to see more from you, even if it isn’t very often. Your talent has been an inspiration to me on every visit. Thank you so much for that and best wishes to you on your chosen path.

  28. Carrie…your talent will be sorely missed. You have always been a source of inspiration for me, and I will miss seeing your unique and clever creations. But there are things that are much more important than blogs and stamping…and family is one of them. It is important to be there for your children as they grow up…as it happens all too quickly! Take care, and blog and create when you can. I consider it an honor to have been on The Paper Players DT when you were a guest designer. Hopefully, some of your amazing talent will have rubbed off on me. Take care, my friend. Fondly…Ann

  29. Carrie…. you should consider yourself loved! I will always be proud to tell people that you’re my upline! It’s like I said once…. I wanted to know someone cool and talented! It was you! See you around sometime!

  30. Carrie, you have definitely be one of my fave bloggers and inspiration. Partly because you’re from my “neck of the woods” in beautiful BC. I wish you every success in all your future endevours. Hope to see you in stamp land at some point in the future, you are a gifted artisan!

  31. Well, I just want to say I am Glad I met you at Convention. I loved your fascinator and it made me look again at paper in a different way. Thanks so much and take care of you, Family, and what is important in life. God’s Blessings to you.

  32. Hi Carrie,
    I’m sad that you will be resigning as a demonstrator. I’ve followed your blog for a long time and have often loved your creations! I will miss your inspiration and wish you the best in your future endeavors!

  33. Carrie, your talent is simply amazing. You will be missed.(I took a 6 week card class with you at Gardenia Cottage in Langley a few years ago.)

    Shirley Baker

  34. Oh, Carrie. I am so sorry to read this post. Your amazing talent will be greatly missed. I always looked to you for cutting edge design and style that nobody else had. In fact, I just popped over to look up a card you did ages ago that I was inspired by. I will miss your style but certainly understand the need to prioritize family first. I admire your dedication. Please know that if/when you blog/craft and share it, we will be here. Take care, my friend. ((hugs))

  35. I just found your blog today, and am so in awe of all of your creative work. I am so sad to hear you will be moving on to other endeavours. I am assuming that with whatever that is going to be…you will be amazing at it. You are truly inspiring!! Good Luck!!

  36. So sad to hear you are not going to be creating any more here on the blog… I will truly miss your work. You are so talented but family does come first. All the best. Will you be keeping this blog open? I hope that in the future when you find time you do share your creations again. jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com

  37. Miss you Carrie and hope all is well with you and your family!!! I too resigned about 5 years ago and don”t regreat it! Some day I know I will return!! In the meantime, enjoy life!!

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