Artistic Avenger

It’s Not You, Really, It’s Me….


Isn’t this the notorious break up reason? “No sweetie, you’re great. It’s me.” Yeah, we’ve all heard it. But this time it’s true.


I’ve been meaning to put this up here for at least a couple of months now and I can see you’ve noticed my lack of posts.


“I think you and I need to take a break.” Classic break up reason number two.


Yes, I’m trying to use some humour here as this is a tough situation for me. I’m going to be taking a break from blogging and crafting in general for the next few months. I have not had the enthusiasm or zest for stamping that I have had these past 6 years lately. Honestly, I can probably count the times I’ve been in my craft room on one hand since December. I’m not motivated and with that will not produce anything worth sharing.


I have stepped down from my current design teams but do hope to find the love to continue playing along soon.


I know that in the weeks and months to come I will be forgotten and that is okay. There are amazing stampers out there. My reasons for taking this break are many – but spending more time with my family tops my list. I’m through trying to be the “best” and putting that extra pressure on myself. Not fun. I do what I do and so many of you have been gracious in sharing your thoughts and feeling about my craftiness. Thank you.


I am sure we will all cross paths again soon. Thank you again for all of your support.


113 thoughts on “It’s Not You, Really, It’s Me….

  1. Hi Carrie. I’m one of your invisible daily blog followers, and I will truly miss your humor and beautifully designed creations! You have inspired me many times over with the beauty, simplicity, and creativity of your cards…thank you! As a mom to 5, and wife, I totally understand the need to spend quality time with your family. I respect you for doing the right thing at this time. I just wanted to let you know how much you’ve impacted me as a stamper…best wishes:)

  2. Carrie,
    I, too, follow your blog regularly and will miss your creations. I applaud you for choosing to spend more time with your family. It’s all about balance and enjoying what you do. Best wishes and be well.

  3. Balance is a good thing. Sure you are getting busier and busier with the kids now too so can fully appreciate your situation 🙂 Enjoy the break and when you are ready we’ll be here 🙂

  4. Carrie,

    I have been a silent fan of your blog for quite some time. Thanks for sharing your talent and inspiration! Enjoy your time away from the computer!

  5. Missed – yes, forgotten – Not likely! Take care. We’ll be here when you decide to come back.

  6. Carrie – stop beating yourself up! Life is too short for regrets so live it to the fullest and have fun!!! We’ll miss you and will be so excited when you return! I’m sure your incredible creativity shines throughout all of your life – you are an artist! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Aaaah! I will miss you so much! I am an invisible follower as well and have referred many other “invisibles” to your site. I agree with the sentiment above, “missed-yes; forgotten-not likely”. You have been an inspiration to me!

  8. Ah, Artistic Avenger, all super heros must return to their hideouts to rest and recharge their batteries from time to time! 🙂 You are such an amazing, awesome, inspiration!!! You will definitely not be forgotten. I’ll miss seeing your artwork as well, but look forward to your return!

  9. you will be missed, take care!

  10. Hi Carrie!

    I soooooo understand. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get back to crafting just for the fun of it soon! (I stamped yesterday for the first time in AGES) – and if not, that’s okay too!

    Take care,

  11. You are the best – you don’t need to try!!We will never forget you! Good for you for focusing on your family.Right behind you 100% – go girlfriend

  12. I will miss you! I love what you make! I hope you will stay a stampin’ up demonstrator and “come back” when you are rested. We all needs breaks now & again. I will look forward to the time when you are back on-line again.

  13. Wow…what else is there to say? Everyone else has been so eloquent in their descriptions of how much you inspire and how much you’ll be missed. I echo each and every sentiment. You have been a HUGE inspiration to me and I will definately miss viewing your blog. I will be anxiously awaiting when you decide to return. Best wishes to you, Carrie!

  14. I too echo what everyone else has said!! Thank you for sharing your talents. May you find the peace and balance you deserve. Thank You!!

  15. My Heart Is Broken….

  16. Carrie, you know how I feel. Anyone who has ever read a post on your blog or met you in person will NEVER forget you. You will always be an inspiration to me and a great friend – THAT will never change.

  17. Hi Carrie,
    You are very talented and I truly enjoyed visiting your blog. You will be missed but I do understand. Take care of yourself and your family.
    My best to you,

  18. well my dear ‘crazy hat’ Carrie~ you will be missed but NEVER forgotten! Jeesh, what u thinkin? I love seeing your ideas, and creating w/ the inspiration you give! 😉 Take care of you and your family, and i look forward to someday seeing your work again! **hugs from Iowa**

  19. Hi Carrie!
    I know exactly what you are going through. I stopped stamping/blogging last June and didn’t pick it up again until the end of November. I only concentrated on stamping for my monthly hostess club. And even that was hard. It is a lot to try and balance family and career.

    You are “super” talented and all your loyal fans will be here when you return. And I have a feeling you will return. It’s impossible to contain that much creativity. 🙂 Enjoy your break. Even super heroes need time off.

  20. Oh Carrie,
    Do not beat yourself up! I will definitely miss you – I have so many of your creations in my files – you are tremendously talented. But this sort of thing should feed you – not drain you. I look forward to the day that you desire it again. Take care!!

  21. I bookmarked your site. I was a silent follower. I totally understand where you are in the mix of things. I too quit most of my stamping and crafting. I also scrapbook but haven’t had the time in a year. My life doesn’t allow for these extras when my family’s needs are much greater. Thanks for sharing a bit of your creative world…

  22. Enjoy your (well-deserved) break. Sometimes just putting it out there that you are stopping for a time lifts a burden off you that you didn’t even realize had gotten too heavy.

    I want you to know that your work has inspired me and helped me improve my own creativity. I will continue to check back here periodically and see you when you return.


  23. Love is all about ebbs and flows … appreciate the moments that are now.

  24. I care about you deeply Carrie. Be good to yourself and enjoy lots more cuddles with A & O!
    Hugs, l.

  25. Enjoy you and your family!!! That is what really counts in life. You and your great talent will be missed, but,
    not forgotten.

    Peace be with you.

  26. Sending you much love and wishing you peace. I’ll be waiting patiently for you to return. (((HUGS)))

  27. I absolutely love the things you share with us. You have an amazing talent and I for one will miss you. However, it is important in life to put our love ones first. Maybe, you will be able to find a happy medium. Take care.

  28. I understand where you are coming from. You can put all your energy into stamping and all that goes along with it, and your family suffers for it. Balance is hard to find. I have enjoyed your blog and I hope you will find your love for craftiness and stamp for yourself! Not to post here, or to make sure you post often here, but just sit and make for yourself. Find the joy in it again. I will miss your blog, but know that all of us understand. Your family should come first and get your best energy.

  29. Carrie I’ll miss you and your wonderful cards that you were so nice to share with those of us less talented. You will be missed and I hope your desire to create returns. Sometimes life just gets hectic. Thanks for sharing yourself with us on your blog.

  30. Carrie, I follow your blog regularly. I am going to miss all the ispiration you have given me and many others. I hope that you will be able to return to your blog someday. I will miss you. Take care of yourself.

  31. Yes, I hear ya, G.F of a great blog; we have to do what’s best for us & our family; I think this business has alot of positives, but also, you have to work your butt off to fly high & fast & don’t stop. I won’t forget you, but I’ll miss you; I had a few #1 have to’s for convention 2011 & 1 of them was meeting lit my stampin’ world right up, the day you looked me in the eyes & acknowledged me!!Thank you for all your inspiration & travel safely; don’t forget to come back & say “hi”….[hugs, fr. the east coast]

  32. Carrie, your work has been an inspiration for me. You are not letting me down by taking a well-deserved break from stamping/blogging. no apologies needed! Do what is best for you and your family. That’s the great thing about this business. You can tailor it to fit the needs of your family. God bless you!

  33. I will miss your inspirational blog like the rest of your followers. You have given me many ideas, and inspired me to try harder at creating something special. I have observed in my life, that all things have a “season”, and right now is your season of “family”. Enjoy every moment! And I’ll be looking forward to your next season of stampin’!

  34. Oh no! I love your blog, your inspiration and talent blows me away. You’ll be missed, but I totally understand your reasons, and will hang on for your return!

  35. Hi Carrie! I for one will say you WILL BE MISSED BIG TIME. You were one of the first blogs I signed up for way back when. You inspired me right out of the gates and continued to inspire me with all your energy and your SUPER FUN creative side. You honestly WILL BE MISSED and my hopes are that you will take this much deserved break and find your way back to the stamping world with a renewed energy that I know only you can find. Not to worry girlfriend – we will all wait for your return. We miss you already!

  36. Dear Carrie–
    Rest, relax, renew…………I, too , have been invisibly following you and loving all your amazing talent. Thank you for sharing with me. I’ll be here when and if you return.

  37. Oh I am going to miss your posts. I enjoy your spin and creativity. But spending time with family is priority and you will find your passion once again for stamping and posting.

  38. Oh this is such a sad day. I just subscribed to your blog after having several of your cards in my favorites on Stampin’ Connection. You are an incredibly talented girl and I will miss all of your beautiful creativity. I can appreciate you needing to step away for a while. I get that feeling quite often myself, overwhelmed and un-inspired. I just know we will see you back. A talent like yours can not stay silenced for too long. Enjoy the time with your family.

  39. Carrie, Thank you for sharing your time, creativity, and life with us all. We will miss seeing you here. Take care of your precious family. Enjoy creating without the pressure of a blogging and posting!

  40. I’m one of those followers who doesn’t comment – or rarely. But I’m gonna miss you. Keep this blog going even if it’s just once every quarter and then eventually come back to stay. Take whatever amount of time you need – we all need a break now and then. But come back eventually and I’ll be here!

  41. Thank you so much for your wonderful posts, always enjoy each one! Your ideas and inspiration will be missed, looking forward to the Artistic Avenger’s return. Take care of yourself and always family first!

  42. Another silent fan, here. I commend you for doing the brave step and acknowledging your decision to take a break. It would have been easier to just fade away, I know, but you stepped up. And we thank you for that. Just know that we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back. We’d love just to hear what’s up with the family occasionally. Keep your options open. Cheers!

  43. Hello Carrie
    I just wanted to say, you will be missed. You have a stamping style unlike anyone. I so enjoy your work, creativity and posts. I hope this time you are taking off will rejuvenate you and that your creativity will be sparked in new ways. I look forward to seeing you back in the blogging world, until then my blog surfing will be lacking in a little sunshine! Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us!

  44. Carrie, thanks for the constant inspiration you have provided for so many of us. I wish you lots of fun with your family! I agree with so many above…not forgotten (I have too many of your cards pinned for future CASEing!). Best wishes to you!

  45. Carrie, I totally understand and will miss you, but absolutely will not forget you. I visit your blog everyday…and don’t have to see a current post. Your history will keep me inspired for years. See you round the corner and God Bless…Diane

  46. Every blogger I know has taken a break from blogging at least once. The ones who haven’t either share the blog with someone or have “staff” that helps them post. The work/life balance is a hard one to figure out, and sometimes work takes more time and energy and sometimes life takes more time and energy. It’s OK. Please let us know when you return. (I never was a subscriber, just a lurker, but I’m going to subscribe today, so I’ll know if/when you return.)

  47. Ditto. All of the above. You have to take care of YOU!.

    I’m sad that you have felt pressured, lost motivation, and are generally “not feeling the love” for stamping or crafting right now. I hope that this break will give you what you need.

    And selfishly, I’m sad that we won’t get to witness your mad stamping/creative skills for a spell. I so admire your work. I hope it won’t be too long, but how ever long it takes, I will be waiting (hoping?!). You certainly will not be forgotten, Carrie. I will miss you. All the best – and I truly mean ALL the BEST – to you and to your family. xoxo

  48. You definitely will be missed and never forgotten. I admire your courage for doing what you have to do and doing it for fmaily is a worthy reason!

  49. When you feel the time is right, we will be here awaiting for you, blessings to you and yours! My subscription will still be active so that when you return I will get on update!

  50. Wow, I am not the only one! Know how you feel and happy that you can deal with it in a humourus way. Don’t think I was that pleassant about it. I will miss your posts. I don’t comment that often but I read evey word and then I save all your projects to my favourites. You will not be forgotten! You will always be an inspiration to me! You’ll be missed but I wish you & your family the best. They are so blessed to have you!

  51. I will miss you. You have been one of my favorite stamping bloggers for a while now. Thank you for all of the ways you have inspired me. God bless you in your new adventures. 🙂

  52. Carrie – You have extraordinary creativity and art gifts. Frankly, you are one of a kind. Sometimes when creativity is harnessed to become a business and subjected to such competitiveness (self-induced and peer-induced) it can really drain the joy in creativity. I hope you will rejuvenate, find your joy and return on your terms. I will really miss your take on things. I hope you will leave your work posted for us to have continuing access. Debra

  53. Wishing you all the very best as you take a break from crafting and blogging. There have been countless times and reasons I considered leaving SU! over the past 16 years.
    Yes, family comes first, as does keeping a healthy lifestyle so you can make family first.
    Like your many readers, I have so appreciated your creativity and thank you for sharing it. But it must be a joyful experience for you as well. I look forward to when you feel like you can rejoin the crafting and blogging community. But if that never happens, I doubt you’ll be forgotten.
    Blessings to you!

  54. We all have to make decissions in life. Family is the most important. Just enjoy them and know that all of us in blog land will be thinking of you.

  55. I’ve CASE’d you time & again and truly appreciate your work. I feel where you are coming from … Best of luck in all you do!

  56. I too am a follower of your blog and really appreciate the time you took in your day to share your creativity. You have lifted me up on down days with your beautiful cards and I felt like a part of your group. I will miss you but love the fact that you put family first. God bless you and your family and when you get recharged, remember we are all still here for you.

  57. Wishing you the best as you make some new changes in your life. You have inspired us all & now it is time to inspire yourself. Take time to enjoy the things that you like. Enjoy time with your family. Good luck in all that you do. Until our paths cross again…

  58. So sorry that you will be taking a break. I really have enjoyed your projects. Thanks for letting us know. 🙂 Hope to see you back soon.

  59. Hi Carrie-

    Although I am VERY sad to hear this–I understand. I will miss not seeing your creations. I love your blog. You won’t be forgotten, but I do hope we will see you again. You are incredibly talented.


  61. Carrie, as many others have said…You will be missed. I LOVE your creations and sense of humor in your posts. Isn’t it funny that, as women, we always feel like we are letting others down when we want to take well deserved time for ourselves and family?

    Don’t sweat it! Have fun and enjoy your family!!

  62. I am certain your decision was not an easy one to make. I want to let you know you have been such a great source of inspiration to me and so many others. I am sad to see you go. Please know that your followers will find their way back to you if or when you come back 🙂
    Take great care!

  63. I totally can understand. I will really miss seeing all of your clever creations . You will definitely NOT be forgotten. Hope you are able to regroup and enjoy your family time.

  64. Thank you for sharing your talent. Love your creativity and all the wonderful things you create. Hope you are back soon.

  65. Carrie

    Good luck to you and take care of yourself. I’m in the same rut right now and trying to decide what to do on my end. Will see you when you get back! **Hugs**

  66. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and creativity. I checked your blog daily and was inspired each time. Take time for you and your family and hope to see you back soon! I’m going to miss you.

  67. Carrie,

    I go to see you latest designs many times a week because you truly inspire me. You are a generous person with your ideas and creativity and thank you for that. I hope to see you back in blogland soon…take care of yourself!!!

  68. After recharging, I hope to see you back here to share your amazing talent and humor once again! We’ll miss you!

  69. Hi Carrie ~ I too will miss your creativity and posts! I do understand your reasoning only too well. I struggle with also trying to be the best and reach the ‘top’ but if I have to sacrifice friendships & family to get there…well…count me out! So I at times daily, remind myself that I love what I do, love to share this with my friends and I’m a hobbiest in my little SU corner…and I need to be okay with that. I am slowly finding my balance once again and I’m enjoying my creativity time as well. I hope to see you back with your wonderful creativity ~ you will be missed 🙂

  70. Carrie, it’s nice to know you are human like the rest of us. I’m always amazed at artists like you who seem to have a fountain of creativity! Now I feel a little bit better about myself 🙂 … I’m so grateful for all the ideas you have shared with us. You are so blessed with a real talent. I won’t forget about you at all. Will keep your blog address and check in now and then just to see if you get that “spark” going again. Family is the most important thing in the world. Take all the time you need. You may get back into card making ..or perhaps something else! Know that you have inspired so many with your fun ideas. Thanks so much Carrie. Take good care!

  71. love your blog. hope all is well and that you do what is best for your family and you. good luck.

  72. Carrie – you will be missed! I have enjoyed your creative and innovative ideas. Hope you get back to blogging soon.

  73. Carrie you will definitely be missed. I love your blog and your wonderful ideas for cards. Please take care and enjoy your family (its very important!…they grow up very fast). I will miss your blogs but Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  74. Dear Carrie — you will be missed more than you know. You are my favorite artist/stamper of all. I love your blog and your creations. I’m really hoping that a little break will do the trick and you’ll be itching to stamp and share all of your beautiful creations. Hope you have some quality time with your family.
    Love, Debby Bockman

  75. Carrie,
    I enjoy your blog through my Google Reader. Heather Summers introduced me to your brilliance. You have an awesome sense of style in your crafting! I plan to continue trolling through your blog for inspiration while you’re on hiatus.
    Yes, I’ll miss you but there is nothing more important than family so I not only support your decision but I applaud it! Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?
    Take care, have fun and live large!
    Lori Campbell

  76. Sometimes you just need to reevaluate what is important and what is best for you and your family. All of us need some down time and I think you have definitely deserved to put your time and energy in other places for a while. Take care,

  77. Carrie, you will definitely be missed! Love your gorgeous creations. But you have to do what is best for you. Hope to see you back some day. Take care and God Bless!

  78. Hi Carrie,

    I too, am an invisible follower, all the way from the other end of the country, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I’ve always enjoyed your blog. You always have beautiful projects. I wish you all the best and hope you will be returning to blogging at some point. Take care. (I’ll take a peek once in a while).

  79. We all deserve to take a break once in a while and you definitely shouldn’t feel bad about that. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves time to miss our stamps to actually appreciate the time we spend with ’em. You’re a naturally creative person, I’m sure before long, you’ll be itching to pick something up (whether stamping or not). You know I’ve been a big fan of your work, so I’ll definitely miss seeing your beautiful projects during your blog hiatus, but no worries. I’ll be here again whenever you’re ready to blog again.

    Big hugs and take care!

  80. Dear Carrie,

    I am one of your numerous fans all the way from India (yes 1/2 way around the world). I do not know even if you know me or recognize me as I rarely leave comments.

    However I would liek to wish you the best and so wish that you find what you are looking for and your crafting mojo comes back for us all of your fans.

    God Bless

  81. Carrie, I will miss you! But I totally understand. I always LOVED that you were a BC girl that was SO amazing to follow. Be safe & healthy & hopefully I will see your name again soon.

  82. Have been a silent follower too. I totally applaud your desire to spend time with your family. Balance is a difficult thing to achieve, especially in this cyber fueled world of “gotta do it, gotta be there, have to make this…”. Your creativity will not go away, it is just getting channeled into a different place. Enjoy finding your bliss and your balance. We will be here and you will NOT be forgotten! Your love for crafting & creating shines thru in each project you posted, each card you shared. We just can’t be all things to all people and weren’t meant to be.

    Didn’t want to be long winded or philosophical (fail-lol), I just wanted to send a cyber-hug from Florida and wish you well. 🙂

  83. You will be missed but will be checking back occasionally to see if you’re back! Always choose family (and yourself) first! Take care of yourself.

  84. Hello Carrie! I always enjoy a peek at your blog and what you have been creating – Thanks for all the work you have done to keep your blog up and sharing with us all. Enjoy every deep breath and take care!

  85. Hi Carrie,
    I’ve had some things get in the way of my crafting time and motivation lately. But today, before tackling some of the things on my to-do list I decided to check out ONE BLOG. And of my entire long list of FAVORITES I said to myself “she’s my favorite”… then I read that you are taking a break. Just want you to know how much your creative genius and inspiration will be missed!

  86. Please, please, come back soon. You are one of the most talented of all the creators and I miss you sorely!

  87. Just another reason to love you!!!! Your priorities are in the RIGHT order and spend as much time with your family as you need/want!!! We won’t forget you and will check back, even just to see that you’re saying a little hello:) BIG HUGS and congrats on making a tough, but important, decision!

  88. Carrie, I have often wondered how you do all you do. How you make it look effortless and flawless at the same time. I won’t forget you during your well-deserved break. What you do, is art. That is in you, and you will find it again.
    You will continue to inspire me and I will keep you in my prayers.
    You are an artist.

  89. Carrie, I hope that you are enjoying that extra time with your family. I wish you happiness!!

    Take care, Brenda (Qbee)

  90. Carrie…….such a huge talent will be SO missed and definitely not forgotten. Hope your zest for stamping and things related returns manyfold. Will be checking in on your blog now and then 🙂 Take care of you!

  91. NEVER forgotten! We will be here awaiting your renewed enthusiasm for stamping, when you can “balance” better for you . . . follow your heart . . . family IS the most important!! And your children will “call you blessed” now, and in the future, if you give them top priority! I will continue to keep coming back, however, to look at your “past stuff” . . . .just did your little “kleenex box” Wed. night with my downline . . .everyone LOVED it!! Stay happy, Carrie!

  92. Wow, I’d wondered where you’d gotten off to and I finally saw this post this morning while I was catching up on some things.
    Carrie, you are one of the most creatively talented people I know. You are also one of the nicest AND one of the smartest for recognizing what’s truly important to you and being brave enough to set aside other things to focus on that. When what we love becomes a chore, we don’t love it for long and I applaud your decision to step back and gain some perspective.
    I don’t know if balance is ever truly possible, but life is a cycle and it’s the times of renewal that allow us to have the times of chaos and enjoy them.
    You’ll never be forgotten – far from it – but you’ll be sorely missed.
    Love you!

  93. Wishing you luck! Hurry Back!

  94. Hi Carrie,
    I’m also a silent blog reader & love your posts/talented creations. You surely will be missed; but as a mom, I surely understand. I have the same feelings too, even tho’ I’m not a designer or have a blog. You have followed your heart & God will honor that, as you choose to spend more time with your family. God bless you!
    Mary Hayes 🙂

  95. Hi Carrie,
    I hope that your hiatus from stamping is doing you lots of mental good. I just wanted to say that I miss your blog.

  96. You are my fave! Will miss you dearly and will be waiting for your return! You are unbelievably talented and have inspired me soooooo many times. I LOVE your style! Best of luck and best wishes!

  97. I’m so sad to hear that you don’t feel like creating… I think we’ve all known that feeling at one time or another. I sincerely hope that after a break you will be able to feel the fun again, and find the right balance for all the demands on your time. You have a truly unique style that is loved by so many, you’re unforgettable, IMO. I know I’ll be looking forward to “The Return of the Artistic Avenger”! Meanwhile, thank you so much for all the inspiration you’ve given me.

  98. I wondered where you were, sorry I missed this post! Good luck to you Carrie!

  99. Just a note to say….hope you are recharging and all is well with you and your family. You are certainly not forgotten…I browse your remarkable work almost daily for inspiration…..and always find it. If not…I CASE!!! Lol. Anyway, again, hope you are well, happy and having fun. Blessings, Diane

  100. Hello!

    You will be so missed! I wish you everything good for you and your family! Thank you for sharing your talent and great personality – I loved reading your posts and seeing your wonderful creations! I look forward to seeing you again! Wishing you a happy day today!


    Barbara Diane

  101. Hi Carrie…. just sayin’ “hi” and hope all is well with you! Miss seeing your beautiful cards every morning!

    Hugs, Anita

  102. Just checking in……..miss your fun personality and creativeness! Hope you are having special time with your family!

  103. Carrie,

    I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that someone is thinking of you out here in blogland. I miss your beautiful projects. Take care,


  104. I am back yet again! Sure miss your fun sense of humor and beautiful projects. Just wanted you to know you are missed and FAR from forgotten!

  105. Hey Carrie! I’m trying to catch up a little on Spring Break and came to check you out! Hope you’re enjoying your family time and stamping-free break and will come back when you are ready! Hugs!

  106. Carrie, i am so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling too inspired lately. do take good self care steps because you are amazing and incredibly creative. forgotten i think not! it doesn’t all have to be ‘worth sharing’ on here. sometimes we just need to focus on what is close to home, right? your family will be thrilled to spend time with you and help you get happier and at the same time find your mojo i am sure. remember all these sincere compliments and don’t disappear completely. it is a LOT of work keeping up a blog and a business and running a household too so i hope you won’t beat yourself up! bettty

  107. Carrie
    I sure do miss your creative spirit. Just wanted to let you know you are missed and to wish you well. Please take care!

  108. COME BACK!!! We miss you! I hope you are enjoying your break and your mojo is starting to brew inside again. Take care and know that there are people out there praying you come back soon!!!


  109. Hi Carrie! Just wanted to peek in and say hello! I miss you and your creative goodies, but I totally understand how sometimes the mojo just isn’t working. You are very much missed and I hope that you are feeling refreshed on your “creative break!” Thinking of you and sending a hug your way! 🙂

  110. Hi Carrie, I just wanted to drop by and say I really miss your creativity. I know how it feels to lose your mojo. I went through it myself when I started to feel like it was more work than a hobby I enjoyed. Hopefully you’ll regain your desire to create. You are too talented to quit sharing.

  111. Hi Carrie!
    Sooooo …. totally relate! Just clicked the ‘send’ button on my resignation as SU! demo in March … after about 2 years ummm-ing & aaah-ing! Life does cycle … and responsibilities come and go. I was thrilled that SU! filled a void in my life (after another opportunity was taken away) … and kept me focussed for a few years … but now … 3 things have changed to make me weigh up my priorities too! 1. I am working for my hubby 2 days per week. 2. I am babysitting my grand-daughter 2 days per week. 3. My dad died last year … and so I try to spend more time with my mum. So … as sad as I was … I don’t feel guilty! A good blog friend suggested to me recently … that instead of completely shutting my blog … I might create a gallery to add photos to … rather than doing blog posts! Perhaps I will think about that. I do wish you all the best for your future … Carrie … and may your find much peace & joy in your decision! Hugs xxx

  112. Hi Carrie! I just realised that I hadn’t seen anything come up in my ‘bloglovin’ roll from you for a while, so I thought I’d pay you a visit. Not sure if you are even still checking messages but I just wanted you to know that your creations and blog posts have been inspirational to me! You had such a fresh & fun take on all the design challenges and I always looked forward to seeing your work. Best wishes for all that your future holds for you! xxxx

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