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A Wonderful Wedding


So you’ve heard me talk about this wedding I’d had over the summer – my Brother’s wedding actually. I was honoured to be asked to look after table decor. Usually the grooms family is not asked to be all that helpful so, since this is my only brother, I jumped at the chance to help.


I thought I’d share a few photos of the wedding set up and table place settings with you. This is the head table. The wedding was very small (less than 40 people) and took place on Galiano Island, BC. It is an absolutely lovely spot. So, because this was a destination wedding, we had to plan and pack every little item (including all the tables, flowers, decor, etc). If you forgot one thing, you were hooped!


And here is a side view. Don’t you love those paper flowers that are holding up the swag on the front?



And a couple of close ups of the table settings. Everyone got their own “chair” with their name and relationship to the bride/groom. In addition, there is a different love-themed quote on each and every napkin. My mom did wonders with the flowers which are all in teapots and teacups. Lastly, we made little sweet treat mason jars with candy sticks on each table.




And a couple of close ups of the venue. The wedding ceremony took place in a different are of the resort, this is just the reception area.



Thank you so much for sticking around and checking out these photos! Still some great wedding projects to share in the days and weeks to come.


9 thoughts on “A Wonderful Wedding

  1. Carrie,
    What a gorgeous job you and your mom did. Looks like a perfect weather day too

  2. What a gorgeous setting for a reception. . .you did a marvelous job with all the details!

  3. Oh, how lovely. Done a wonderful job.
    I gotta ask tho. Where did you find those cute little chairs for the place cards? They are adorable

  4. You did an amazing job Carrie – especially for a destination wedding. Love how elegant yet intimate you were able to give to each of the tables. Favorite part has to be the chair placecards (and the flowers in the teacups). Great Job Carrie!

  5. Awesome Job! You never cease to amaze me! I saw the pictures before and just loved it must have been a very special day for the couple!

  6. This is like something out of a magazine – wonderful decor – beautiful weather!

  7. Carrie, you continue to prove that imagination has no limits. Thanks for sharing the decor shots.


  8. Gorgeous, Elegant, Spectacular!
    Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  9. Awesome!!! Your Mom really did wonders with the flowers, they are lovely. I can see where you get your talent. Thanks for sharing.

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