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I will never forget….


It saddens me every year when 9/11 comes to pass. I can remember clearly where I was, who I was with and my feelings while I watched the terror unfold in New York.


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of this horrific event, we at Create with Connie and Mary have decided to do a tribute day with meaningful cards dedicated to the memory of those who were lost on this tragic day.


When coming up with a card I was overcome with many emotions and this card, although pretty simple in layout and design, has so many layers of meaning to me. As I knew there were many details I wanted to include, I used the Freshly Made Sketches sketch challenge this week to get me started on the design.


First, the scheme of colour. Simple and black and white. As I watched events unfold on that day, I don’t remember anything but the black clouds of smoke. In keeping with those clouds of smoke and debris, you’ll see a very light stamped image from Extreme Elements.


The angled piece of newsprint signifies the massive coverage of this event both on television and in print. Also, I will always remember the reams of paper floating down from the towers.


A single chair. This signifies the chairs that have not been occupied by friends and family members since 9/11.


The torn row of Heirloom fabric represents the families that were ripped apart from this tragic event.


Behind the fabric you’ll see a wee piece of Basic Black designer series paper. The stripes signify the suits of all the people who worked in the towers.


Lastly, the pierced heart. I used two pins to represent the two towers and on that day, watching all the coverage of this event, my heart felt like it was being poked and prodded and just hurt for weeks.


I thank you for visiting and I hope you find time today to give your loved ones a little extra love today.


Products used on today’s project – CLICK HERE to buy them NOW!:

Cardstock:  Very Vanilla, Basic Black.
Ink:  Basic Black, Sahara Sand.
Stamps:  Have a Seat, Extreme Elements.
Accessories:  Heirloom Designer Fabric, First Edition Designer Series Paper, Heart to Heart punch, Basic Pearls, Neutrals Designer Series Paper.

36 thoughts on “I will never forget….

  1. A beautiful tribute, so full of meaning. Thank you for sharing the story behind each piece.

  2. I love how each part of the card has a special meaning. Very touching.

  3. Interesting how you made the card and each piece with it’s own meaning.


  4. On first looking at the card I thought it was a lovely “simple” card. Then when I actually read your description it is anything but. What a wonderful card, with such meaning

  5. carrie, this is the best of the best of the tribute cards made in honor of 9/11. all the symbolic elements are perfect and appropriate and beautifully executed. frame this, so that your children and family will have something from your hand to commemorate this event in our nation’s history.

    i read a column in the WSJ by peggy noonan about that day, and she ended it by saying, “sometimes you have to be loyal to pain…” and this card is an excellent demonstration of that. may we never forget.

  6. Beautiful card, and I love the tribute.

  7. I’m looking at this as I watch and listen to the ceremony this morning – what a fitting tribute to the events of the day. You’ve put in on paper in a unique and creative way. Wonderfully done.

  8. all I can say is wow! what a perfect card for today! the chair is perfect as I saw on TV a tribute to all those lost and each had their own empty chair. The pierced heart- again perfect.

  9. Carrie – this is an amazing card. I check your blog all the time, and don’t know if I ever commented – but this card truly touched my heart. I thought it was beautiful before reading your narrative – but after – it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Wow – a very stunning project. Love the symbolisms. Gave me a lump in my throat. I agree, I will never forget either.

  11. This card is awesom – you never cease to amaze me! What a beautiful tribute to that horrific day in history. A wonderful keepsake to have for many years to come. I loved the details/meaning of each layer you put into the card – how symbolic. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Wow Carrie. How wonderful you were able to incorporate so many meaningful elements in your card. So touching.

  13. A beautiful symbolic remembrance. Each piece was so well thought out and meaningful….such a fitting tribute.

  14. A lovely tribute and a beautiful card. The pins are the perfect touch for the towers. Thanks for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches Carrie.

  15. This is a wonderfully creative and very meaningful tribute card. thanks for sharing the card as well as your interpretation with all of us.

  16. Wow … what a fitting tribute to an event that rocked the world … I felt each and every emotion as you relayed your interpretation of your card … touching, moving and beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful creation with us at Freshly Made Sketches!!!

  17. This card is such a beautiful and meaningful tribute — truly a work of art from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  18. *Tears flowing* Beautiful, on all levels. Thank you.

  19. Amazing, Beautiful, Touching!!

  20. Truly an awesome card! You certainly captured the essence of 9/11 in a meaningful way!

  21. Amazing. Such a fitting, well thought out tribute. Thanks for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches.

  22. Simply beautiful. I will never forget.

  23. I visit each day but very rarely comment today I felt so overcome I knew I had to -your card is absolutely beautiful-I love your symbolism as I read your explanation I shed a silent tear for all those affected by such tragic events on that day. Thank you for sharing

  24. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully executed. You for sharing this with us.

  25. I am touched by your symbolism and tribute to all who perished in the attacks, in NYC, The Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Also, all who have perished fighting the terrorists. We should never forget. The scars on our hearts are to not let us forget.

  26. How beautifully you have described your emotions for this tragic day in all of our lives. Love the symbolism on your card and the simplicity of the design, exceptionally well done!

  27. This is beautiful in a way that defies words. Your explanation of every detail, your artistic expression of the complexity of this anniversary. Every detail is perfect. I, too, chose this sketch for a tribute card and yours shows so much of what remains in my heart. Thank you for such inspiration.

  28. Carrie, this really touched me. It is certainly a work of art – not just visually, but how each detail has significance. I also thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  29. My dear Carrie – what an incredible amount of thought and heart you have woven into this card. When I saw yours among the others one the challenge website, I wondered if it had a story – and indeed it does. Beautifully creative.

  30. Beautiful card and meaning Carrie! Thank you for sharing that with us. Hugs!

  31. This card has described my feelings exactly. As I watched the coverage yesterday, my heart ached again for all the losses, especially for the children born after their fathers perished. Please keep your card and your description forever…this can be cherished for many years to come. Lest we forget.

  32. You absolutely rocked this card, Carrie. Loved reading about all of the elements you included in this project to represent the event. Very well thought-out!


  33. Wow, Carrie! Wonderful post and SO meaningful! A beautiful rememberance fo all of those that lost their lives. Even 10 years later, it never gets easier to watch the events of that fateful day. Everything about your card is beautiful, as is the meaning behind it. Big hugs!! 🙂

  34. Carrie
    fabulous card to commemorate this anniversary. I, too, remember the reams of paper raining down from the sky. I love how you explained each component. I am so glad you shared it with Freshly Made this week.

  35. This is so beautiful and I just love how each element symbolizes how you felt that day. Thank you for sharing this!

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