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Love U: Non-Winning Artisan Award Project #9


I thought I’d shown you all the projects but I’ve just realized that there are two I haven’t shared yet! Here is my last card submission for this year’s Artisan Award.

Here are some little quick notes on what I did:

  • woven Cherry Cobbler Seam Binding layer
  • Cherry Cobbler frame embossed with the Medallion and Basic Black craft ink
  • cascading Basic Black satin ribbon with Antique Brad
  • small beveled windowpane filled with text from Define your Life
  • Basic Black craft ink on Lots of Love letterpress plate
  • Scalloped heart embosslit with Basic Black and outlined in Cherry Cobbler

And lots, lots more!

ONE more non-winning project to share….coming soon!


13 thoughts on “Love U: Non-Winning Artisan Award Project #9

  1. Good Morning Carrie,
    You know I love your cards and don’t understand why you don’t win what more can be said.

    As usual your card is gorgeous


  2. Gothis, glamorous and fabulous! Weaving??? Wow!

  3. I’ts absolutely awesome! Love the three colors black, red and very vanilla. You’ve put a lot of work into this card! Keep em’ coming Girlie!

  4. Absolutely Stunning…love all the layering. Lots of work….not sure why you didn’t win.

  5. holy cow, carrie! what about that is not winning?!? i’m stunned by all the fabulous detail–esp the woven cherry cobbler layer. if you’re looking for post ideas, i’d love to see a tutorial on that weaving. fantastic card!

  6. Carrie, this is a beautiful, striking project! I love how all you “losers” post your “losing” projects — then I look at the winning projects and very often wonder what the heck is going on! I suspect there are other people like me who don’t even bother to enter once we see the “losers”!

  7. Oh, so elegant! It is a ‘winner’ for me. I was looking through a card making magazine that had Valentine Cards and NONE were as pretty and elegant as this!
    I check off the one I want to case and I couldn’t check of any of them. Your card however I am going to case for myself, it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheryl McAskill

  8. Stunning! A WINNER with me!

  9. What fabulous details, Carrie! The brads! The bows! The texture! The entire composition! This card is perfect…

  10. “WOW” doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to this card. It is freakin’ amazing!!!! Love the weaving, the ribbon, the embossing, the debossing, the use of the windowpane, the fancy hearts, the use of the trinkets…
    Oh my gosh… Pure work of art! I wish we could put together an exhibit with all of your work!

    Absolument magnifique!!

  11. Beautiful card. It’s a winner in my book!

  12. I cannot believe you weren’t chosen. Everything you make is so unique and beautiful! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You are an inspiration to me and many others.

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