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The KA-POW Kreative Challenge – Coming Soon!


As many of you know, I LOVE challenges. I love to be pushed to my limits creatively and I love to share this journey with you all.

To that end, I am super excited to bring a new bunch of challenges to you – The KA-POW Kreative challenge!

I’m starting slowly with these challenges but I’ve already got a couple months of ideas stored up. I want to do this right.

The first challenge will post on Tuesday, September 13th and will run until September 19th. A KA-POW Kreative Superhero and Sidekicks will be announced on the 20th.

Are you ready to play along? Come back on the 13th!


7 thoughts on “The KA-POW Kreative Challenge – Coming Soon!

  1. Wow, Carrie! Sounds exciting! I wish you all the success in the world! I will be sure to check it all out in a few days time! Hugs xxaxx

  2. I love the leaves falling. You are very creative


  3. Can’t wait for your KA-POW challenge! I know it is going to be KA-RAZY good 🙂

  4. I am excited! I Kan’t wait to Kreate!

  5. OMGoodness!!! i can’t WAIT to check out your challenges – i, too, love great challenges.

    so – count me in 😉

  6. I have the gift of appreciation not the gift of being an artist like you girls! I’m looking forward to the new posts!

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