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Joy To the World: Non-Artisan Award Winning Project #8


This was my second of two 3D projects I submitted for the Artisan Award this year. 3D projects are sometimes the hardest to get a good representative photo of before sending them away. Sometimes they are big and you can only appreciate them in person.

This is a trio votive table centre for the holidays. Each triangular box is sewn together and all the pieces of designer paper are also sewn on. I used the holiday Simply Scrappin’ kit from the last catalogue for my colour scheme.

The centre of each box is cut out on both sides and letter from the Simple Alphabet are added on each with embellishments to spell “Joy to the World”. Here is the other side:

There is Champagne glass glitter around each opening and pulled Cherry Cobbler seam binding along the entire bottom.

Only two more projects to go! Hope you’re enjoying them.

14 thoughts on “Joy To the World: Non-Artisan Award Winning Project #8

  1. This is absolutely stunning! You should have one based on this alone! I hope it was at least displayed!

  2. Hi Carrie,
    What can we say it is so amazing that you are not winning any of these awards and I sure would like to see what the winner’s project looked like. do you get to see them?

    this is a great looking project. I love it

    Diana from Wisconsin

  3. This is so beautiful! I love that you showed us another way to think outside the box with simply scrappin kit.

  4. Wow! Another amazing idea, and wonderfully executed! You made this SS kit look good πŸ˜€

  5. Just what were those judges looking at? This is a WOW item if ever there were one! I can’t even think in 3D never mind create in 3D!

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t win as every project of yours has been beyond beautiful and has so much detail and work put into it. They may not be Artisan but they are works of art! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is so beautiful and you so had better enter again next year — your work is stunning and always inspiring.

  8. You rock it sister. Always my biggest inspiration πŸ™‚

  9. Wow! This is a sensational idea … and you have created a beauty, Carrie! So many gorgeous details! Hugs xxaxx

  10. A stunning project – it’s gorgeous.

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