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Trick or Treat: Non-Winning Artisan Award Project #7


Only three more non-winning projects to share with you all! Here is my little Halloween project. I love making Halloween cards (don’t really use them but LOVE them).

I used lots of designer paper on this one and fanned out the triangles across the card to mimic the handmade spider web made out of Crystal Effects. Added some GoGo Boots letters and a little punched candy behind the “and”.

A favourite detail on this one is the embossed ribbon. I used Basic Black satin ribbon and embossed using Craft White Ink and White Embossing powder.

To finish off the ribbon, I added a loop of Rich Razzleberry satin ribbon, a Basic Black button and a glimmer brad. The bats are straight from the designer paper too!

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19 thoughts on “Trick or Treat: Non-Winning Artisan Award Project #7

  1. Ummm…WOW! If I had been judging, you would have won – HANDS DOWN!!!!

  2. I am completely gobsmacked that you haven’t won the Artisan award yet! PS. I am totally LOVING your contributions to our swaps each catalogue.

  3. That is one ‘tricked’ out card! I love it! I’m with you, I don’t really give Halloween cards but they are fun!

  4. WOW!!! What a card! I love everything about this cool card… and that spiderweb is so cool! I love making Halloween crads but I seldom give them out,too, so now I have a growing collection!!

    TFS Carrie!!!

  5. Sorry you did not win. I can’t believe that SU did not pick you! Your artwork is awesome. Maybe 2012 will be your year to win! Don’t give up. Thanks for shaing your artwork, I love your blog!

    Melissa Hedine-Tootle

  6. LOVE this one!! I particularly love the DSP in the background – what a fabulous idea!

  7. Not really sure how this project is classified as a Non-Winning entry.
    I love it!

  8. Hi Carrie,
    I am wondering who is judging these cards that you haven’t won. Unbelievable.

    I think your cards are absolutely GREAT!!! That was why I started subscribing to your Blog for your updates. I would like to see the other cards to see how they won.

    Diana from Wisconsin

  9. Carrie, if this is a non-winner…someone was sleeping when they were voting….soo darn cute. I too love Halloween cards but rarely send them…love the spider web and the embossed ribbon..

  10. Every entry you show us gets more spectacular! This card is amazing! That embossed ribbon is genius – and something that non-artsy me might just be able to do! Congrats on your feature in Stampin’ Success – such a clever idea and so cute! You have to enter again next year!

  11. what a gorgeous card!! just love it!

  12. I just love looking at the depth and creativity in this card! Keep em’ coming!

  13. I for one learned two new techniques from this card – the Crystal Effects web and Embossing On Ribbon!! Would never had considered either one of these as a possibility and both are very effective. It’s a very intriguing and ‘spooky’ piece of artwork! TFS

  14. LOVE the Crystal Effects spider web…super cool!!!!!

  15. I am in awe of all your artisan projects. The judges must be blind or something and that is being nice about what I could say to them. Your work makes me wonder how I made it a finalist. I know everyone that sees your works knows you are a true winner. Fantastic work!!!

  16. Carrie,
    I am so sad you didn’t win Artisan this time. I so hope that 2012 will be your year. You are one amazingly talented lady! This card is “wickedly cool”. I especially LOVE the embossed ribbon! It was such a pleasure to meet you at convention. I didn’t get to see all of your hats in person, but I loved all of them. Day 3 three was my personal favorite!

  17. Is there a way we can voice our opinions to SU as to you getting the award? I do think we should have a say but then all submissions should be out there where we can all see and vote.

    Diana from WI

  18. This is a great card! I too love making Halloween cards though I rarely send any out.

    Btw, congrats on being in September’s Stampin Success as an art contest winner! The puppet card is just too cute!

  19. I’m big on Halloween cards, too, and I *heart* this one so much! LOVE the embossed ribbon (genius!) and the Crystal Effects cobweb.

    Amazing work!

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