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In the Garden: Non-Winning Artisan Award Entry #6


First off, let me say…not a great photo,. I know! But what do you do? This project is no longer around my house to re-photo so this is what’cha get!

This is the second of my three non-winning Artisan Award scrapbook pages. I loved it. I used the new Paisley Prints designer paper to make a garden themed page all about my daughter.

What’s fun about this page is the two photos are actually on the front of a large cardstock pouch that I made and inside is Avery’s “garden diary” where she made notes about her garden and a plot map of where things were planted. You just pull out the ribbon/eyelet tabs to see them.

Another fun element on this page are the garden tools. All made by me!

Thanks for visiting today! Don’t forget to check back over the next few days for some great challenges!


19 thoughts on “In the Garden: Non-Winning Artisan Award Entry #6

  1. This is beautiful Carrie I love the idea that you have tabs to pull with more info hidden away, wonderful creation!
    Val x

  2. It’s fabulous, quite creative.

  3. Ok hang on to your ears I’m going to use some language here!
    OH MY Frickin’ word! Why wouldn’t this project win an artisan award??

    Holy Cow it’s fantastic! Look at the little tools you made! Love the little metal water can and spade!! Look at the layers ( I love layers) in your project! And doesn’t the color of this paisley petals look fantastic with your daughter’s veggie garden!! You stamped wood all over your letters I can go on and on it’s a dream! Perfect!!

  4. I love it!!! Its an awesome page and deserves the award in my opinion. I think you are a spectacularly talented and creative person!

  5. What a fantastic project! Such a clever way to record a gardening project…useful AND beautiful! I love the ribbon tabs! TFS!

  6. Fantastic Carrie! Love the garden tools you made and, of course, the woodgrain letters!!

  7. This is just amazing O Artistic Avenger! Beautiful greens, hidden journaling, grommets, tags – and then there are those tools – and that incredible watering can tucked in there! Best. Scrapbook. Page. Ever.

  8. Insanity. I can’t handle it anymore.

    xo B.

  9. Wow! Beautiful page; I love the shovel-so creative!

  10. Really superbly fantastic – you blow me away!!

  11. This is one awesome page! Absolutely wonderful.

  12. What a fabulous scrapbook page. Love the pocket idea to handle the garden diary! I wonder what the judges were looking for?

  13. Beautiful!
    I JUST dont know how you cant be an Artisan winner! All your projects are absolutely perfect!!!!!

  14. I agree…for the life of me, I can’t figure how you didn’t win…

  15. Wow, Carrie, that is one of the best pages I’ve seen entered in the AA contest to this day! I love everything about it! Especially the cute little garden tools – they are just adorable! Love the fact that you hid a garden journal in there as well – makes the page even more interesting!

  16. What a fabulous page. Love the colours, tools, and how you added the eyelets to the ribbons. Supper cuter.

  17. I cannot beleave this did not win, it’s FABULOUS! I LOVE IT.

  18. This is spectacular! Beautiful work!!!

  19. Unbelievable amazing again, Carrie. I cannot believe you did not win this year. I followed the blog hop of the Artisan Award winners and they had amazing projects but your were too. I love several of your projects much better than the winners. I hope you don’t stop trying because you truly inspire so many with your amazing talent and unbelievable generosity in sharing that talent with us. YOU ROCK!

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