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Fascinator Frenzy Winners!


Thank you all so much for playing along with me over the past few days while I showed my fun fascinator hats from Convention. Here are the comment winners:

Day #1 – Top Hat (I wore this to Awards Night):  Jenn Campbell!

Day #2 – Fabric Circles with Bird (I wore this on Thursday, the first day of Convention):  Desiree Spenst!

Day #3 – Big Vanilla Flowers (I wore this on Friday, the second day of Convention):  Cathy at 3sisters2stamp!

Day #4 – Circular Masterpiece with Floating Butterflies (I wore this on Saturday, the last day of Convention):  Catherine Harwood!

Congratulations to all the winners and again thank you to everyone who played along!

I’ll be back with more great stuff soon!

4 thoughts on “Fascinator Frenzy Winners!

  1. Wonderful hats and you model them so well. I am brand spankin new to SU so don’t know one thing. I do know I enjoy looking at all the blogs and seeing everyone’s talent.

  2. Ack!! How exciting!!! I am very pleased to see that my deductions were correct for the days that I didn’t actually see you – can’t WAIT to see what kind of amazing goodness you will send me for playing along!! 🙂

  3. Hi Carrie!!! arrgh… i was so excited out this and then missed it! eeek!oh well, maybe next time! you did such a nice job on your head pieces and it was fun seeing you sport them! Happy stampin and it was great to meet you @ convention!

  4. Whoo hoo… how exciting! I love your blog and seeing you wearing those fabulous fascinators!

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