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Fantastic Fascinator #4


Thanks for coming back to see the last of my fascinators. This one is brought to you by the letter “O” for original. This one is pure me. I enjoyed making and wearing this one the best! When did I wear it? I know there are photos of me in this one, I posed for A LOT (and a thank you to my roomies for still hanging out with me while the pics were being taken!).

The large scallop circle #2 die was used for the base and then I used First Edition designer paper for the large circles and added some butterflies for a little extra something.

So when did I wear this one? Betcha you can figure it out…..leave me a comment – there is a prize in it for you! I’ll post all four day’s winners tomorrow!

Thank you all for your continued well wishes and comments – hearing from you all is what keeps me blogging!


32 thoughts on “Fantastic Fascinator #4

  1. I think this one’s my favourite, must be the butterflies!!

  2. I really like this one! Black goes with everything, ya know. The black butterfly with the white pearls is especially nice. thks for sharing.

  3. WOW! Awesome bibi!!!!!!

  4. Cute, cute, cute. I think you wore it at the convention. Thanks for great inspiration

  5. Pretty sure this is the hat I saw you wear on Friday July 15th!

  6. I first thought you must have worn it to the William and Kate royal wedding this past April, but knew you wouldn’t want to show them up by wearing the best headpiece there. So my guess is at the convention.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. You do amazing work!

  7. okay, i wasn’t at convention, so this is a complete guess, based on what’s in the background of your photo:

    did you wear this to the awards night?

    i want to know what was added to the side. looks like strings of pearls!

  8. Total love this one. I was actually looking for you all week but didn’t see you until Saturday which of couse is when I saw this one. I love all of these. It has been fun and I love your blog. Have a great day.. Terri

  9. Oh I love these hats! Did you see Autumn in NY with Richard Gere & Winona Ryder? She made beautiful fanciful hats just like this! Love love love! My guess… Convention 2011

  10. I LOVED this one! AND I have a photo of it – it was the last day of Convention 🙂 What a fabulous idea this was – you are such a creative genius 🙂

  11. I bet you wore your beautiful hat at convention in Salt Lake.

  12. THis looks fancy enough for you to wear on awards night

  13. Carrie, I think it was the “prettiest” off all your fascinators! – you wore it the last day!

  14. Hi Carrie! It’s me one more time. I have a couple of pictures on my blog of you in this fascinator –
    This was on Saturday the last day of convention. So glad I was able to help you out with the nail file!
    Monika Davis

  15. You truly are talented and I am amazed by it. This is so pretty and so are the other ones. I did not attend convention nor am I a consultant but I love your stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh, yeah! Definitely my favorite so far! Classy in black!

  17. Looks like the convention to me?? Very pretty!

  18. Love the hat. So how did you get it to stay on? (please don’t tell me sticky tape)haha Mind if I case it? I would love to make some for the gals at the assisted living place where I do demos. Love seeing all of your great ideas.

  19. Awards night! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  20. How absolutely creative! Love the butterflies “flying.” I’ll bet you wore it to convention….

  21. You wore it the last day of convention, Carrie! I have a picture with you wearing this lovely piece! So clever and creative!

  22. Oh, I like this one best of all! It fits you to a tee! I can’t believe your creativity–it knows absolutely no boundaries! The butterflies are captivating and with the formal look of this one…I’m thinking it was awards night?? You are such an inspiration! ((hugs))

  23. This was too easy,…the Royal Wedding!!! I was sure I saw you,did review the DVR and saw a few “wanna be’s” but you must have illuded the camera. What a shame,…I just LOVE it!!!

  24. Did you wear this cute number at the awards ceremorny???

  25. Last day of Convention with Monika
    Susan B.

  26. I know, I know! 🙂 No worries about the prize, just happy to comment! Love the fascinator too!

  27. So if I have a picture of the 2 of us while you’re wearing this one, do I get extra credit? 😉 Hee hee! Oh how I love the hats.

  28. You wore it on Saturday because I stopped you and took a photo — which I have not posted on my blog yet but I am going to as it is the cutest!! I remember telling you that you should have designed Princess B’s fascinator for the royal wedding!

  29. How fun is that! I bet it was worn at the convention! Hugs

  30. This one was on Saturday. I met you at Toasters right before classes started and you gave me your biz card and told me to check your blog. Hope I am not too late. Do you have a subscribe button?

  31. This is so cute, and you really wear those fascinators well, Carrie! 🙂

  32. OMGoodness! Hard to believe this is handcrafted it is sooo pretty! I’m going to guess this was a SU Convention accessory. 🙂 Though I think you really *could* wear this for religious services or a formal party ~ it is truly stunning! Suzie 🙂

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