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An Ode to Black and Vanilla


Short and sweet today folks.

I’ve recently had a customer tell me that she loved the black and vanilla card samples in the Occasions Mini Catalogue and wanted to host a class showcasing these type of projects. Well, great idea! I said.

Above are my take on the cards in the mini catalogue with a great little box to put them all in!

Not only would this make a great set of cards to have and use but what a great set to give as a gift!

Interested in making this set? Check out my events calendar, you might see this class on there soon!

6 thoughts on “An Ode to Black and Vanilla

  1. Gorgeous and elegant. Love them all.

  2. Some of my favourite looks!!! I just might have to head over for your class.

  3. Love black and cream! Your projects are gorgeous!

  4. Marnie-i was thinking the same thing. CG -they are simply stunning…amazing job!! Sign me up!!!

  5. Oh I love black and vanilla. This set is so gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous projects! The CC: the alternated black/vanilla scalloped edging on the front card!

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