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At long last…..


Here is the “fancy” template for the candle box you’ve all been asking about! I am not very good at doing diagrams online so this is as good as it gets but it is very very easy!

  1. Start with a piece of cardstock measuring 7 1/4″ x 11″.
  2. Score at 2 1/4″ and 5″ on the long side.
  3. Score at 2 1/4″ and 4 3/4″ on the short side and cut into the centre cuts done in step 1.
  4. Here is where you have to bear with my description….at the top of the diagram, you’ll see it is cut on the diagonal. What I did was measure up 2 1/4″ from the last cut (uppermost) and then cut from the 2 1/4″ point to the scoreline.
  5. Next, fold in the pieces as labelled (ie. fold in #1, #2 and #3). On the diagram you’ll see a couple of the pieces have XXX on them – this is where you’d put your double sided tape.

Here is a photo again of the completed project.

7 thoughts on “At long last…..

  1. That is a pretty great holder. Thank you!

  2. This is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing the box template!! What a great idea.

  3. Carrie,
    Thanks so much for sharing the template & directions on how to make the candle box. Will you be sharing the “recipe” on how to make the candle as well? I’ve never tried that technique & am really inspired by your beautiful candle to try it. I’d love to give the candle & box & coordinating gift cards as a gift.
    Stampin’ Smiles from Ear to Ear,
    Ann šŸ™‚

  4. what a beautiful idea for candles. thanks for sharing šŸ™‚ Valita

  5. Thanks so much for this great idea. I’m casing it for my Dec. club.

  6. I love the holder that is great! Could you also give directions on how to stamp on the candle? Thank you!

  7. The stamp is simple. Cut out the printthat you want, pace it in position on the candle, put wax paper over and heat with a heat gun.

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