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FREE PASS Giveaway!


I wish to thank you all so much for your kind comments on my first UStamp project as a guest designer. It was such fun to put together and Dawn has graciously asked me again to guest design for the next edition of UStamp….Spring Soiree 2010!

I have a FREE PASS to give away and have been trying to figure out a cool way to do it but I’m tapped! So, I’ve decided to ask a question…..what is your favorite thing about spring? Just answer your question in this post and I’ll draw the winner on February 20th at midnight.

My fave thing about spring is watching all the trees bud and bloom and it has already started here!


56 thoughts on “FREE PASS Giveaway!

  1. Carrie,

    I love your blog and hope to join you on UStamp with Dawn & Friends. My favorite thing about Spring is the smell of fresh cut grass. The grass grows so much during the Spring rain that it seems the neighbors are all outside at once cutting grass, especially on the weekends. The fress smell inspires me to use bright fun colors for my stamp projects. Tx, Edie

  2. i hate allergies.. oh wait .. my favorite thing!!
    i think it’s the begining of NICE weather… brighter mornings and the longer evenings on the way.. : )

    good luck with your 2nd round of ustamp! you’re projects are always amazing…i’m sure you are JUST WOWING everyone…!!

  3. I love the first time I can open a window and hear the sounds of the outdoors from inside!

  4. green peeking from the leaf buds and sunny yellow daffodils

  5. Red, White Buds and forsythia in full bloom in Missouri, the birds singing. Wish it would get here…but it will. Done with snow! On with spring! Love your work. Have a happy day. Diana

  6. Spring in NC is so pretty. There are so many different things blooming at different times. I ,too love when the trees start to bud. It is amazing how fast trees spring leaves. And of course we are known for our Carolina Blue skies! Right now with the cold weather I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT SPRING AND CAN”T WAIT FOR IT TO COME!!!

  7. My favorite thing about spring is saying goodbye to the snow πŸ™‚

  8. My favorite thing about spring is seeing the earth awaken and bloom after being dormant all winter. While we don’t have snowy winters here in the desert, the wildflowers that bloom in spring are spectacular!

  9. I love when the crocuses start poking through the snow in the garden on the side of my mom’s garage! I know Spring isn’t far off when I see that.

  10. The daffodils — without a doubt. And hearing the birds singing again comes in a very close second.

  11. I love Spring – it’s a “new beginning” – during the winter the trees and plants seem to die out – and watching all the trees bud out and begin a new life is awesome – it’s like watching God gives us all a new beginning. It’s also a great time for us to go out and ride the motorcycle on long trips enjoying all the beauty that God gave us.

  12. knowing that summer and golfing is just around the corner!

  13. My favorite thing about spring is the flowers, the crocus and the daffidoils, bursting through the still frozen dirt!

  14. Being a winter person(love to cross country ski!), I never remember what I like about Spring until my apple tree flowers…how beautiful! And the Cherry Blossoms in Door County are hard to beat πŸ™‚
    Thanks for all of your stamping inspiration!

  15. Hi Carrie! My favorite thing about spring has to be the unveiling of the daffodoils…..LOVE IT when they start popping that little bit of green up out of the ground. WOW – you know that it’s only going to get better from there. Thanks for offering this free pass…..LOVE YOUR BLOG! Kadie in Arizona

  16. My favorite thing about spring is that the days are a little bit longer, and the air is so much sweeter with the smell of flowers.

    Thank you for the chance to win.


  17. Hi Carrie,

    Congrats on being a guest designer on UStamp. My favourite thing about Spring is the warmer weathier!

  18. Hi Carrie,

    My favorite thing about spring is the smell of new budding flowers, new growth on trees, and hearing the birds sing and chirp like there is a concert going on!

  19. Living in the midwest we get burried in a lot of snow and ice. I look foward to spring because I don’t have to have my car filled with snow removal equiment and large winter coats! And of course the birds singing. That always puts a smile on my face. Congrats on the guest spot and thanks for your inspiration!

  20. Living in Northern Idaho means I really look forward to spring every year. This year, spring may arrive early. We haven’t had measurable snow since before Christmas, and most of the snow in the woods around our house is gone. I’m looking forward to the “greening” of the pines and cedars, my daffodils peaking up through the ground, the beautiful sound of birds, and the sightings of fawns romping through the woods with their mother.

  21. Hi Carrie! My favorite thing about spring are the lilac bushes in bloom! Thanks for having such a fantastic blog!

  22. No socks and cropped leg pants …..
    Socks and winter make me grumpy !

    • Me too!!! I hate socks! I’m still sporting my crop pants… I look silly but who cares! πŸ™‚ your post was similar to mine! πŸ˜‰

  23. Congrats on being recognized for your great talents!
    My favorite thing about spring is daffodils and tulips blooming in such gorgeous color.

  24. Hi Carrie, congrats on doing such a great job on UStamp. My favourite things about spring are the warmer days and the sound of the lawnmowers!

  25. The Warmth!! OHHH I can not wait… I really am done for this Winter that seems not want to go anywhere.. I love to be able to go on walks and see flowers starting to bloom and the birds singing sweet songs and the sun feeling so good.. hmm can you tell I have been daydreaming of Spring? lol

  26. My favorite thing about spring is that we will have daylight longer and the snow will finally melt!

  27. Longer days, the earthy dirt smell, and that green will be coming back in to the landscape soon. (I’m sick of looking at dirty snow!!!) Thanks Carrie!!


  28. What is U Stamp, Carrie??? I think I want some πŸ™‚
    My favorite spring thing is tulips… lots and lots of them. I like tulips in a box, and I like them with a fox. I can like them hear or there, i love tulips anywhere!!!

  29. The trees are starting to leaf; the flower bulbs are poking out of the ground; the feel of the air—vitality!

  30. My favorite part of spring is all the new growth and sunshine… And when the pink blossoms pop out on the Japanese Blooming Cherry tree’s. They are used as a lane divider and the sight of a line of pink tree’s is beautiful. And when they fall off, it’s pink snow….

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a free pass..

  31. I live in south Texas and I love the Wild Flowers that pop up along the sides of the road here – especially the bluebonnets. I just the the Lavender stamp from SU Herb Expressions set to make a Blue Bonnet card!!

  32. I love that I can begin gardening again in Spring!

  33. Quite the following you have! Congrats Carrie.
    Favorite thing? Ditching the thick coat! Hello sandals.
    I don’t mind wet feet.

  34. I love the days getting longer and seeing the first daffodils peek through the snow!

  35. I like the warmer temps and longer days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. My favorite thing about spring is how everything comes alive and turns green after the long winter. Its always so pretty in the spring.

  37. My favorite thing about Spring is dusting off my Crocs to wear til the snow falls again! πŸ™‚ I secretly do wear them a bit in the winter, but at least in Spring, my mom (I’m 32!!!! ) isn’t constantly asking what i wore on my feet today! πŸ™‚

  38. Carrie –

    Congrats on being asked back for another round of UStamp! I love all the project ideas that are shared there and it is always so much fun!

    My favorite part of spring is the feeling that the world is coming alive again! The air smells fresher, the skies look bluer, the flowers are blooming and you hear children’s laughter! Not to mention the weather starts to warm up again πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful day

  39. Ok the thing I love most about Spring: Summer is that much closer!!

  40. The SUN is my favorite thing about spring. I miss it so much through the winter. When it makes its way back into the Spring, I just can’t get enough of it!


  41. I love the warmth that comes from the sun, the freshness of the earth along with the smell of wet grasses and bright color flowers, the dances of the birds and butterflies . . . . . God’s recreation of a new day….. With endless praise – thanks for the Spring.

  42. WOW!!! A chance to win a FREE PASS!!! Count me in.
    The thing I love most about Spring is that the days are longer. I like to go for walks after dinner but during the winter it is dark so early.

  43. I love the way I wake up earlier and jump out of bed…I have so much more energy…my grandsons do too!!!!

  44. I just like that in Spring the weather warms up again. I have a real love/hate relationship with winter and I’m not looking forward to it starting here in Aust

  45. Love your blog………well my favorite thing about spring is the smell………..everything smells good outside. The new grass the trees, and of course the flowers. And the SUN….I haven’t seen it in a very long time here.
    thanks for asking about spring……
    I’m in PA with 2 feet of snow and another storm on the way for Monday. I forgot Spring was even coming :0)

  46. My favourite thing about spring is the cherry blossoms – I am so blessed to live in the sunny Okanagan, where the cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring throughout the valley! So pretty and so fragrant πŸ™‚

  47. My favorite thing about spring is the bright colors everywhere, especially after a cold, gray winter with LOTS of snow. It’s like the world woke up again – so cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. Spring reminds us of all things bright, fresh, new & clean once again. It is the spirit of new beginnings, and means my grandson will be coming to spend the summer with me really soon! I have had him every summer since he was 5 and he just turned 16. Hurry up spring – I can hardly wait!

  49. Congratulations. Love your work!
    My favorite thing about spring has to be watching my forsythia and cherry blossoms bloom.

  50. I love your ideas Carrie. My favorite thing about spring is finding that first brave crocus that pushes up through the snow. I love the early flowers. Now to go stamp some spring theme cards!

  51. I love that I can finally wear a lighter coat oh and watching the trees bloom after being ‘nekkid’ all winter long. Thanks for the chance to win!.

  52. I love to see my garden start to grow in the spring The bits of color and sprouting plants always bring so much joy after a long cold winter!!!!

  53. I live in the middle of Nebraska on a farm/ranch. Spring means to me baby calves! Watching a baby being born, the new mother taking care of her baby and the babies, (as young as one or two days old) bouncing around playing with each other. What a wonderful spring moments πŸ™‚

  54. Hmmm… I love the smell if spring!!!! And saying bye bye to boots and socks and hello to flip flops!!!

  55. Congrats Carrie!!!! Loved your garden party card!!!
    I love the longer days and the sun glasses weather!
    Cheers. πŸ™‚

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