Artistic Avenger

I’m Off to Disney!


I have been to Disneyland.

My  husband has been to Disneyland.

My children have not.

We leave today.

They don’t know.


I’ve loaded My Digital Studio so I can make up pages for a book and I hope to be awake enough in the evenings to share them with you all! I’ll be back next week! (I have done up a couple of posts however – I am getting back into the swing of things!!!)


5 thoughts on “I’m Off to Disney!

  1. Lucky you! Have a wonderful and safe vacation!

  2. Have a great time, looking forward to your MDS creations.

  3. I’m excited for you too !! Can’t wait to hear how the kids reacted…

  4. Enjoy the day and hug your family. You will be returning home with tons of happy memories. Will look forward to viewing your gorgeous creations.

  5. how on earth could you keep this info from your kids… I am impressed. Have a great time!

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