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That Ink Pad Storage


I’ve had a lot of you emailing me about the ink pad storage I’ve got hanging next to my punch storage in my new room.


Well, I got these at Ikea some time ago. I think, however, they may be discontinued. They would be very easy to make if you are handy though (I think!).


4 thoughts on “That Ink Pad Storage

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Love your website! What did you use to hold your ink pads? Where did you get them?

  2. Carrie,
    would you mind posting a more detailed shot of the Ikea rack sometime? There used to be a guy on the web who made racks just like this for SU ink pads, but I can’t find him anymore. My mom needs a rack like this to fit the space she has. My dh will make it for her, but would like to see a more close up pic of the rack. i looked online for a pic of this one, but I couldn’t find one anywhere.


  3. Just so I understand; the wooden rack holding the SU! ink pads came from Ikea? Please confirm 🙂

  4. Where did you get the rod to hang the punches. They are great I need them in my craft room. I would really appreciate it

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