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Where I Stamp & a New Deal of the Week!


First, let’s get to the Deal of the Week! Vanilla HodgePodge Hardware for over 30% off!



At $26.99 per set, this is just over 30% off the regular price of $41.95 and this deal is from July 20-26 ONLY! Just head on over to my Stampin’ Up website to place your order today!


My husband decided I needed a new stamping space. In our house, I’d been sharing the kids playroom as the playroom/stamp room and since this is going to be my year to reach certain goals in my business, I need my own space. 

This room has really been sitting empty. It was originally the computer room but with us all on laptops now, we really don’t need a designated space for a computer. So, the move was on. 

I am still trying to figure out where I want things to go exactly but you can see I’ve got stamp sets to the left and inks, etc to the right. Now, behind me are….


Punches, paper, craft and old In Colour ink pads, oh, and embellishments. I was taking pictures and noticed something really funny. When I asked my husband about it, he just laughed and noted that “it took you long enough to figure that one out”…..


His little face in amongst my stamp sets with a look that says “honey, do you really need more stamps?”. Tee hee, at least I thought it was pretty funny. Oh, and one tip I wanted to share. When I’m having problems trying to work with a certain colour or colours, I have this fun little thing that I do.

I use 6×6 page protectors and insert the colours I’m needing creative help with. Then, I tack them under my work board. That way, when I’m working away, other colours are bound to fall on them and I find new and exciting colour combos! Give it a try, it really helps to spark your creativity!





9 thoughts on “Where I Stamp & a New Deal of the Week!

  1. Great space, Carrie! You will enjoy it so much! I have a question for you – where did you get the wall mounted inkpad rack that is hanging next to your Ikea punch rods? Is it an Ikea find as well?

  2. Yay – I get to see pictures of your punches after all : ) Great room – uncluttered and inspiring.

    Good luck with your goals!

  3. I need to know about that inkpad rack also! It’s awesome! Please don’t say your dh made it — I have such envy for people who can make stuff like that! We are not so talented.

  4. What a neat space, Carrie! I have a question about your Ikea rods that I see people on SCS raving about all the time. How did you mount them? With all of those heavy punches, I’d be afraid that they would pull out of the wall!

  5. I also want to know about the inkpad rack. I want ONE!!!! or TWO!!!! Love your new space and I am sure you will enjoy creating things there.

  6. Well, that makes three of us, I’d love to know about the ink pad holder also.

    You;ve got a great start on your new space.

  7. I would also like to know where you found or if you made the ink pad rack that is by your punch rods — what a great idea!

  8. You are so deserving. I love your space. Wish mine was as clean. I also have a funny way to come up with color combos. I look at the scraps on the floor, there is always something there that has fallen on something that sparks a new combo or idea.

  9. Great blog and I love your stamp room – and like everyone else I would love to know where the Ink Pad holder came from?

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