Artistic Avenger

Look if you Dare


WARNING: this post contains images that may not suitable for all viewers. 🙂

So, I love to play with my Sizzix Big Shot as does my daughter. We just finished cutting out fabric for a project and then I got set up for Stamp Club. Well, she just continued to run through things through with the AMAZING butterfly die. Well….I know now that the Sizzix can cut through Silicone rubber!


Now to come up with a special project using silicone butterflies! OUCH!


11 thoughts on “Look if you Dare

  1. oh my word … you could try to use those silicone pieces as stamps!

  2. Looks like you’ve got some nice new butterfly stamps now!

  3. oops…looks like you have a little mini-me Artistic Avenger on your hands!!! Too bad the silicone mat does not come in pretty spring floral patterns. YIKES! 🙂

  4. LOL….welcome to my world!!! My just turned 3 year old loves to play with my bigshot (well craftroom in general he loves!) Luckily he hasn’t done that YRT!!!! But as the first couple of posts said… stamps!

  5. Oh NO! My three year old son once cut ALL the strings on ALL the wood blinds in his bedroom.. There were 4 windows. UGH!

  6. Ah, the joys of being a mother! Thanks to ALL of you for sharing your adventures.

  7. Oh my…..Maybe you can use red sticky tape and mount them to a cheapy piece of wood or foam and she’ll have her own custom set of stamps!

  8. LOL! Look at this –brilliant minds and all that (same die even!)

    I saved mine — felt like scrapbooking the moment (not!)

  9. I did the same thing only I cut out the bigz scallop envelop. I felt sooooooooo stupid. I wondered why it ran through harder than normal. I’m hoping that I’m not having senior moments yet!!!

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