Artistic Avenger

Stroke of Genius…..maybe


So I was up playing on my new computer last night (don’t know why I trash talked the MAC before, this thing ROCKS!) and I may have come up with my new blog header. I love it but need to tweek just a bit…..thought I’d share though and see what you all think as I do this whole blogging thing for YOU!

Drum roll…….

pixel1I have to figure out how to get a SU catalogue under her left arm and then I think I’ll be all set to go!


7 thoughts on “Stroke of Genius…..maybe

  1. It’s really cute but I will miss the stamps spelling out Artistic-it’s just so neat looking!

  2. Carrie – love the cleavage…it’s all about that!!!
    Looks good; really fun.

  3. I’m still about the stamps spelling Artistic Avenger! I’m going to start a petition. LOL!

    However I do like the super hero figure with scissors in hand & the SU catalog would be awesome underneath the arm.

    What about having her or should I say YOU as the super hero look as if the image is in a newpaper article heading. Remember how they would do that with Spider man on the more recent movies. You could even make the header with your stamps to look like old print blocks for your title.

    Then there would still be that unique pc. of you with your stamps. I’ve never seen any other bloggers out there with that trademark & just loved it everytime I saw it!

    Just some more ideas to confuse you!

    Stampin’ Smiles from Ear to Ear,
    Ann 🙂

  4. LOVE IT! Love the idea about the newspaper and using that as a way to write out your header… what about a mask? love the cleavage! what about carrying a craft tote thing with all the supplies sticking out… hmmm.. now i am just blabbing 🙂 lOVE it – but anything that you decide to do – is awesome!!!
    best wishes,

  5. Nice Tits!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

  6. LOL! Good one! What about a “A” on the back of the cape?? And bling! She needs bling! 😉

  7. This is fabulous!! This is exactly what I think of everytime I get an updated bog email! Love it!!

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