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I have not forgotten about the candy!


Hey All – I again want to thank you very much for all your great comments on my 100,000 post. I’m getting the candy ready but we’ve been thrown a wee snag. My hubby has been waiting to get a nasal surgery for almost 2 years now and it is going to be happening today. I’m not sure how he’s going to do or how his recovery is going to be so I may be out of commission myself for a couple of days.

I have other posts ready to go with some great projects that are timed to post but I may not have time to get to the candy post till the weekend.

Thanks for your understanding!


9 thoughts on “I have not forgotten about the candy!

  1. I wish the best for your family as your husband recovers from his surgery.

  2. Don’t give it another thought, it is much more important to be there for your family!
    Hope all is well, I will be praying & thinking of your family!
    Stampin’ Hugs,
    Ann 🙂

  3. I agree, no problem, being with your hubby and family is more important.

  4. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon.

  5. Get well wishes to you hubby!!!

  6. Sending good thoughts to your hubby! My husband has nasal surgery years ago…oh, man. He is such a baby. LOL Nah, he was pretty miserable for awhile. Then one night while we were sleeping, I accidently elbowed him in the nose. YIKES! I felt SO bad.

  7. Send my best wishes onto your husband. i hope he doesn`t suffer too much.

  8. Best of luck to your husband — hope he has a speedy recovery!

  9. Hope everything went alright with your DH. Thinking about you!!

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