Artistic Avenger

Mr. Roboto


My son was invited to a birthday party this past weekend and upon wrapping the present with this groovy robot paper, he and I decided to make a robot card to match!

Don’t really have much to say about this project except it was super fun to make and we had a great time!


10 thoughts on “Mr. Roboto

  1. That’s a super cute card and goes really nice with the wrap! Great job!

  2. How adorable! You did an awesome job!

  3. You are a woman after my own heart. Many times I will cut out left over wrapping paper to make a card & everybody loves that! You did a wonderful job!
    Congrats on Mr. Roboto!
    Stampin’ Smiles from Ear to Ear,

  4. That is so cool!
    You are amazing, the other moms must feel so inadequate next to you.

  5. that is an awesome idea! were they all punches? – thanks for sharing

  6. What a super cute idea!!! So creative!!

  7. Too stinkin’ cute!!!!

  8. Absolutely groovy! love that little guy, great job Carrie!

  9. holy cow that is creative!! great job!

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