Artistic Avenger

Bunch O’ BackPacks


There some amazingly talented ladies online these days – today, I’m going to share with you Tonya’s Backpack project.

I wanted to make something for my kids teachers as well as the school secretaries and this was it! They are filled with the following “school survival” items:

  • bandaids
  • safety pins
  • hand sanatizer
  • highlighters
  • post it notes
  • breath mints
  • stickers

I probably did all five of these within an hour, okay maybe an hour and a half. But really, they don’t take that long!


4 thoughts on “Bunch O’ BackPacks

  1. You are such a suck-up! I might copy your idea for Luke’s teacher though 😉

  2. I absolutly Love these backpacks they are all so cute. I think I am going to try today!

  3. Seriously? You made all of those in an hour? They look complicated. They’re absolutely adorable.

  4. These are really cute!!

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