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The Mad Adventures of Flat Brenda, Vol. 3

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Today was a day full of excitement and anticipation. We started the day out in the rain, 6 ladies (including Flat Brenda) in a Durango on the I-5 to Seattle. We had an uneventful drive and ended up at our parking destination right on time.

We got on the shuttle and headed over to the airport. Luckily, Flat Brenda is a great little flirt and she smiled and stared cutely at the driver and he didn’t charge us for her.

At the airport, we checked in to Southwest, who also decided that Flat Brenda’s quest to find Jaron was too important and they didn’t charge us for the extra seat.

We all then headed through security and on to get a bite to eat. The security guards x-ray’d Flat Brenda and felt she was not a risk to board the airplane – good thing! It’d have been quite cold in the cargo hold!

We all enjoyed a little bite to eat at a pub in the airport, but, of course, Flat Brenda needed to delve into the sauce a little…..

And paid the price….

It was then on to the plane! Flat Brenda, being flat, tends to get cold quite easily and was very vocal about this. So, I gave her my sweater to keep her quiet. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but she is sleeping….I know, that stare thing still freaks me out!

Once we got off the plane, Flat Brenda was getting a little restless. We had no problems with security at all so far on this trip but she just had to try something out that she has always wanted to do. Oh Flat Brenda…..


One thought on “The Mad Adventures of Flat Brenda, Vol. 3

  1. OMG you crack me up! Is Flat Brenda going to get her picture taken with Kristina in Momento Mall?

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