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The Mad Adventures of Flat Brenda, Vol. 2 & Convention Swaps #2


We are well on our way to Salt Lake City if you are reading this post. Last night I had the “priviledge” of helping Flat Brenda pack. She is not easy to pack with – she just sits there and barks orders and refuses to pick anything up. When I asked her to help, she just stared at me, whats the deal?

So, after getting me to bring almost everything I own down and off the hanger, Flat Brenda decided to try things on. Again, not an easy task as she is needy – did I mention that before? She is also particular about colour – she likes pink and gray and black, anything with flamingos or Barbies on it….so not my style. We decided the best way to fill her suitcase was to help her try things on.

She really wants to look her best when she sees Jaron so we tried LOTS of things on. She also really wanted to be comfortable as she wants to really explore Salt Lake and take in many attractions – however, I think she is anticipating me taking her everywhere – anyone want to volunteer to help?

Here was her favourite outfit she found in my closet:

We all have a high maintenance friend, right? Well, apparently mine is Flat Brenda. She mentioned that her hair is a big deal to her. In fact, she has had the same woman come up to her at two different SU events and talk to her about her hair and take a picture of it – no joke! (hi blythe, if you are out there). She was worried about the travel time tomorrow and what it’d do to her coif. I mean, what if Jaron was at the airport when we arrived. We decided the best thing to do would be to put a hat in her carry on bag and she found my SU hat from last year’s Convention (I think). I actually think it looks pretty good on her….

Next up – drive to Seattle and fly to Salt Lake City. I wonder what kind of “pickles” Flat Brenda will get in to. I hope she doesn’t upset the security guards at the airport….Now, back to my previously planned posts…..

Here are the 3D items I prepared for general swapping at Convention this year.

The first is a little hanging holiday ornament. Truth be told, these are left over 3×3 note cards from a retired Simply Sent kit last year. I kept them (1/2 Rose Red, 1/2 Bashful Blue) in a bag to use for something, well this is it!

The second, again, has been sitting around here for almost 2 years. I cut these for an open house, had lots left over and vowed to use them one day. Well, this is the day. They are water bottle accessories. Yes, its been done before but I did do something special on the stamped centre piece.

And, I think they are stinkin’ cute!


3 thoughts on “The Mad Adventures of Flat Brenda, Vol. 2 & Convention Swaps #2

  1. Maybe you should hook Flat Brenda up with Flat Stanley – he has his own books. I think they’d have a lot in common!

    Have fun in SL

  2. Boy that Brenda sure is bossy! Hope you have fun with your friends at convention! Maybe you should leave her in your room until she behaves!!
    Ann 🙂

  3. Don’t you dare leave Flat Brenda in the ROOM!!!!
    She needs to be everywhere and not miss a thing. Remember she doesn’t even need any sleep.

    LOL in Revelstoke

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