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Convention Swaps #1


I got lots of swaps: Here is a sample of some of the swaps I’ll have next week on the general floor at Convention. I decided to make most of them mountable (4″ x 5 1/4″) so if someone just wanted to mount it on a card front, they could.

The first card uses Fun & Fast Notes, the second uses Always, the third uses Text & Texture and the last uses All In the Family and Nursery Necessities.

When I plan swaps, I try to look at cards that are easily duplicated and ones that use sets or colours that may not be all that popular. Click on a picture to see it more close up!

Check back over the next couple of days for more sneak peeks into my swap suitcase!


4 thoughts on “Convention Swaps #1

  1. This are all cute! I will take one of each LOL! Have a blast at convention!

  2. Great swaps Carrie! Hope to see you at convention, I’m a demo from North Vancouver!

  3. These are soooo cute!!!! I would love to swap with you!!

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