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Theme Thursday – REALLY LATE!


I know, I know – it’s not Thursday. Not even close, really. But, these projects are worth the wait. Sure, I could have waited until next Thursday but why? I’m dying to show these off!

I’ve been trying to get all my swaps and other things done for Convention really early this year and I can officially say I’m done! 368 swaps and some great roommate and downline gifts later and here I sit.

So, for this week’s Theme Thursday, I’m going to show you what I made for myself, my Convention roommate and my three downline members who are going to SLC as well…..

Great you say, but what are they? Well, they are Convention Planners! I got the idea and lots of help from Sharon Bridwell at The Roaming Stamper (thanks Sharon!) What is really cool about these is they are made from project folders! Now, I decided to adhere the back accordian folds together and this may not have been right, but I did it!

What do they look like inside? I’ll show you! But first, let’s take a closer look at the outside of the first two I made.

The one on the left is the very first one I tried. I made this for my Convention roommate, Melissa. Since I’ll be giving this to her before we go, I’m not worried about having it on my blog now. The one to the right is mine!

Melissa’s uses Picnic Designer series paper, die cut blooms and the Big Deal Alphabet and Numbers. Mine on the right uses Spring Break Designer series paper, Big Deal Numbers, die cut blooms and Fundamental Phrases. Okay, here is what they look like on the inside:

Edit: Thank you to Carole who pointed out that I can’t spell receipts. Now, I could have tried the “no, thats the way you spell it in Canada” card but I won’t ’cause you don’t. I’ll try to fix them or just leave them as my friends would totally love to get something from me with a mistake (cause they think I don’t make enough of them….).

You can see that I varied the designs of paper and made cut little paper clips to match each section. It was such fun to make but I realized that unless I came up with some sort of assembly line process, I’d be making these until the cows come home. So I streamlined and decided to do the same on the outside of the next three but make the insides different. The following three will be given to my downline:

The planner on the far left uses Le Jardin designer series paper, the middle uses Western Sky and the far right uses East Coast Prep. And on the inside:

They look like this!

These were super fun to make and I can see a holiday planner class in my future…..thanks again Sharon!


12 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – REALLY LATE!

  1. I love those – what a great idea! They are beautiful!

  2. What can I say but, WOW! Wish I was able to go to convention this year, but I was able to go a couple years back when it was in SLC, but to go for their 20th anniversary would have been awesome! I’m sure you’ll come home with A LOT of goodies! You’ll have to let us know what you received & how it was.

  3. very, very nice except for one thing:
    you spelled receipts wrong!

  4. These are AWESOME!!! You did a wonderful job!

  5. Those are great. Makes me wish I was in your downline and heading to convention.

  6. These are awesome. Your downline will love them. Hmm, maybe I should make these for my downline who are attending (even though I can’t –boo-hoo).

  7. OMG these are so cool!! Wish I was going to convention with one of these puppies in my bag. Really really awesome!!

  8. What great gifts! They will love them! TFS

  9. These are great! I wish I was so organized….
    A holiday planner class would be so great!

  10. Carrie,

    You so rock!!!


  11. These are fantastic! I made a slight alteration & am making them for my roommate gifts this year. What a fabulous idea! Thanks so much 🙂

  12. What a great idea! Thanks! I would like to make one for myself and roommate at Convention, but since it’s my first time to attend, I don’t know what is on the “swaps” page. Can you fill me in? Thanks! Jackie

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