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Teacher Gift Idea – and how smart am I?


It’s the end of the year and we are all looking to find some cool and unique teacher gifts. Really, how many mugs can one person have?

Last year I did a little caddy with all kinds of supplies in it and this year, I thought I’d do some desk items.

Above you’ll see my version of the memo cube holder. It is quick and it is EASY! I found a pattern from someone on SCS and modified it slightly to fit my size of cube. The version above uses Kraft, Black and White cardstock and my Wanted and Smarty Pants stamp sets.

I found the cube at the dollar store – it came in a little plastic holder and the paper was not bound on the end, they were just loose sheets. I wanted them together so I came up with a plan (this is where I’m smart….just wait for it…..)

As you can see from the above shot, the paper is bound. How did I do it? Well, I took an elastic and bound it around the paper so it’d be extremely straight and I painted some Crystal Effects on the end. I let it dry overnight and in the morning, it worked like a charm!

Got more great ideas to come – keep watching!


15 thoughts on “Teacher Gift Idea – and how smart am I?

  1. Oh, you smarty pants.
    That crystal effects is amazing. That is a great gift.

  2. That’s is so awesome! Do you have any dimensions for the box?

  3. You are smart!!! I am in awe of your smarty pants self. (I am also more sure now than ever that all crafters should own crystal effects)

  4. Wow! You are smart! What great ideas – the crystal effects and the memo cube holder. I feel a CASE coming on!

  5. OH you are such a smarty! Oh and hello is there anything Crystal Effects can’t do, maybe cure a cold???

  6. Ingenious idea with the Crystal Effects! What a great teacher gift! TFS!

  7. You are not just merely smart, you are a genius! I would never have thought to use CE! Great project!

  8. That is a fabulous idea!

  9. Once again you show your brillance and share it with us. Thanks perfect

  10. Brilliant idea – you indeed are miss smarty pants! Love your site and all your creative ideas!!

  11. Soooo clever! This is a great gift idea for a teacher that will actually get used!

  12. You ARE smart. My have to CASE your idea for my kids’ teachers’ gifts.

  13. You so ROCK! I am totally CASEing this for Sarah’s teachers.

  14. Great job with the Crystal Effects – such a smart cookie! 🙂 Any teacher would be pleased as punch to get such a nice desk combo!

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