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2 Minute Card Tutorial


I made this tutorial a while back to show how you can easily make a card in less than 2 minutes and thought it’d be fun to post it! Here is the finished project. This could easily be dressed up a bit more with some Dazzling Diamonds!

And here is the video:


6 thoughts on “2 Minute Card Tutorial

  1. Holy Moly Mama! You are fast!! You are so at demonstrating, let me tell you. I can’t talk and stamp at the same time, heck throw bubble gum in the mix and I would be a big mess of sticky paper pulp. Love your videos!! Thanks!
    Oh gorgeous card AGAIN btw. 🙂

  2. Gee I missed a word in that last post, got so excited..LOL
    You are so INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC at demonstrating!

  3. Love the elegant simplicity of this card, it is great.

  4. AWESOME….AWESOME video. You did an amazing job of showing us how quick and easy it can be to make a beautiful card. GREAT JOB. And thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Love it! Can you email me what the stamp sets were? My brain wasn’t thinking as quickly as my eyes at watching this wonder & beautiful card come together in under 2 minutes!
    Keep up the great work!
    Ann 🙂

  6. I saw this video on YouTube and love the stamp set. I know this video was from 2 years ago, but what is the name of the set, maybe I can find it on eBay or something. Thanks!

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