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One Set Sunday – Gift Set Tutorial


So for this week’s One Set Sunday, I thought I’d grab something out of my “bag of crap” as my hubby calls it. This is a little bag I put all kinds of fun stuff in – bags, tins, anything I may choose or try to stamp on in the future. I grabbed in there and found this neat organza bag and that was where I started.

I limited myself to just Baroque Motifs and my Black Craft Ink Pad. And here is what I did:

And this is how I did it all!


7 thoughts on “One Set Sunday – Gift Set Tutorial

  1. Watched your video and you did great – I’ve got some organza bags that I haven’t used – I need to decorate them ASAP – thanks for sharing!!

  2. This set is gorgeous!!! Great video as well, thanks for the idea.

  3. Carrie bless your heart. One year I bought about 30 of those bags and have a ton of them. I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Now I do. That is beautiful, and I would have never thought about stamping on them. (They were bought pre-stamping days) I love your blog and love that you share so much. Thanks.

  4. Great video! What a cute idea!

  5. What a cool idea stamping on the organza bag. It would make a great wedding favor. TFS.

  6. You are “organzatastic” at creating! I totally love this idea & will definitely use it!!! What a cool idea for weddings!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial & also the example picture posted at the top!
    Ann 🙂

  7. cool! what a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.


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