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Envelope Fun!


I was playing a while back with some envelopes and developed a quick tutorial on two great projects. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Envelope Fun!

  1. great tutes! I made the little crimped envelop w/lid a couple of years ago for Halloween and put microwave popcorn in it for teachers. gotta love them envies!

  2. Excellent tutorial. The projects turned out really cute.

  3. You rockin cool gal you. LOVE the tutorial! And who doesn’t have some size envelopes in their desk? Thanks for sharing and going to head down to my craft room and make one of the crimped envelopes. SOUNDS CUTE! Kadie

  4. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  5. Love your tuts and this one was great. How cool are those. Can’t wait to give em a try. And you did fine with the bow:)

  6. These are absoleutly adorable. Can’t wait to try them.


  7. Another great video. Bag-a-lopes are so much fun. I liked your ribbon tip on the crop-a-dial, also. I’d never seen the crimped envie idea. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing it. :0)

  9. You could be the SU comedian! Love your fun ideas & commentary!!! Great projects too of course!
    I’m soooo glad I just found out about your blog!
    Ann 🙂

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