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Tryin’ something new and I need your help!


EDITED: WOW – I’ve already reached my 5 willing participants, thank you so much! I’ve already emailed out the templates so hopefully we’ll be posting some feedback and such in a few days. Please keep an eye out!

I’ve been working on creating workshop templates which I’ve lovingly called “What a Workshop” templates or WAWs.

I’ve gotten together three great projects: a card, 6×6 scrapbook page and a 3D item. All have been photographed step-by-step and have written instructions. I’m looking at posting one of these per month and charging a small fee to have the PDFs sent out. The only reason I’m charging is that they take a really long time to put together. I try to incorporate specials and various items that will ignite creativity in your workshop guests. I’ve even added upselling opportunities for each project.

How can you help? I’m looking for 5 people to accept the challenge of looking at these documents and giving feedback. You will not be asked to pay for the files and can use them as you would if you’d purchased them. Your comments may be used on my site at a later time.

The first 5 to comment on this post will get a private email from me and we’ll get the process started.

To the rest of you – watch out – they are coming SOON! Here is a little tease……


10 thoughts on “Tryin’ something new and I need your help!

  1. Sign me up. I’m a great critiquer/editor, and would love to help!

  2. Am I first??? I’d love to give you feedback and help you out! I am an SU! demo if that helps or not. 🙂
    Have a great nite…Oh…I just took a benadryl and may not email you back til tomorrow morning IF it kicks in and I pass out! lol
    ~Lana B~

  3. I would love to see what you have been working on!

  4. Sounds like a great idea Carrie… don’t send them to me as I am not a demonstrator and wouldn’t give them their proper due but love the idea.

  5. I would love to look at your tutorials.

  6. I would love to see your WAW tutorials and I’d be happy to edit and critique them for you. The timing is perfect, as my online class ends tomorrow!

  7. I would love to take a look at your templates. You always have great ideas!

  8. Hey, I would love to help you out! Please feel free to include me in your trial run!

  9. Good Luck on this new project. It sounds like fun.

  10. You’ve got me SO interested! I wanna see, I wanna see!!! Can I purchase the pdfs?

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