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Open House Prize Fun!


This weekend I’m hosting a New Catalogue Open House with some of my downline. I decided I’d better get my backside into gear so I started with getting my door prizes in order.


Did I show you this just to make you jealous? Nope. Why did I then? I wanted to show you the versatility of the set, Tagger’s Dozen.

Each and every prize has a tag using this set. I used both my small and large tag punches and just scraps I had on my table. These tags are so simple to make and just make things look great.

And, if you are in Canada, you’ll see that both tag punches and the stamp set come to $60.31 so if you just tack on a couple of packs of cardstock, you are ready to rock!

Oh, if you are in the lower mainland here in BC and want to join in the open house fun on Feb 2nd, please contact me and let’s chat!


2 thoughts on “Open House Prize Fun!

  1. WOW, some great goodies there.

  2. Cool tags! But I really love the new header… sweet!

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