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I got tagged by Jill at Inkgenious a while back and have been slow in responding….well, here goes!

What is your most enduring Christmas memory? This was hard and the memory that comes to mind isn’t a great one. One year, I asked for roller skates for Christmas. This was all I wanted. This was also the year I decided to snoop. I found my roller skates about a week before the holidays in my mom and dad’s closet. It completely ruined my Christmas morning. So, let it be magical – don’t snoop! It makes it way better!

Do you have a favorite piece of Christmas music? Nana Mouskouri – Old Toy Trains. Sounds from when I was a kid. Oh, and anything from the Sound of Music, I always watch is over the holidays.

What makes your mouth water at Christmas time?
My mom’s candy dish.

Do you stick to the old family traditions? Yes and no. When we were kids, my dad always made us wait until he made a fire and coffee before we could come downstairs to see the presents. Well, we still do that. Otherwise, we are still trying to come up with some of our own new traditions with our own little family.

How soon do you put up your tree and when do you take it down?December 1st is when I’m allowed to put up the tree and we take it down on New Year’s Day. However, my son’s birthday is New Year’s Eve so I’m thinking that when he gets a wee bit older, we’ll be taking it down before his birthday.

I am so very excited about the holidays and wish you and yours the very best of the season!


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