Artistic Avenger

Wishes & Wants Update


Whew. I woke up this morning feeling completely drained – both mentally and physically. Last night was my big fair event and I think it was pretty successful.

We had people waiting outside to come in (which is pretty cool) and the place was flooded for 3 hours. We estimate around 200 people came through. The buzz was amazing.

Now, I sit here with all my paperwork for the follow up and my head is still swimming – thank goodness the kiddos are at my parents still (they stayed overnight). Hubby and I finally got dinner around midnight so there was going to be no quality parenting done if the kids were here….

Thanks all so much for your support and well wishes – I think it was a great success!


4 thoughts on “Wishes & Wants Update

  1. PAPERWORK that is NOT PaperCRAFTING is the pitts!!….SO glad your show was successful for you!!….A very generous endeavor on your part!….It so hard finding an organized “craft show” that is affordable!….get some rest!

  2. Congrats!!! I am so happy your show was a success!!!

  3. I bet you had a big smile on your face with that many people showing up to see your creative and talented artwork. How COOL! Hope you get some rest before the little ones come home.

  4. That is wonderful, glad to hear the good news. With your talent couldn’t be anything but a success.

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