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I Can’t Find my Camera!

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I have no idea where it is! I was tempted to wake up Craig this morning and interrogate him but I’d better let him sleep.

So instead, here are some more questions answered:

From HeyHeyPaula:

How do you decide what you’ll include in your posts? Do you upload everything you make?

Great question! I sometimes make projects specifically for the blog. I love to upload any SCS challenges I do and anything that I’m extra-special proud of. Something that uses a cool new product or idea is something I’d earmark for upload too.

Do I upload everything? Not a chance.


What’s the next goal?

Another great question. To conquer the world. Tee hee

From Greg

If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or naked?

Well Greg, if you must ask…oh gosh! You make me laugh! Is this like a chicken/egg thing?

Okay, enough already, where is my camera? I’m going to go look, I have stuff to upload!


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