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The Moments I Live For – a little piece of my life



This is my son. He is 4 1/2. He loves anything on wheels.

On our group camping trip this year, he discovered that the campsite had these little “race cars” (this was something we managed to keep under wraps last year). This was all I heard about the entire time we were camping. “mom, can we go on a car?”.

On this day, he managed to escape my grasp and jump into one. I snapped this picture and when I looked at it later I could just read his mind….”man, could I do something with this!”.

I love that he is a kid through and through – these are the types of moments I live for.

Wow, that was pretty mushy….


3 thoughts on “The Moments I Live For – a little piece of my life

  1. Oh so cute! I know quite a few little guys your sons age that feel the same way. It’s not uncommon to see youngsters up here riding around on mini four wheelers and dirt bikes. They must get big allowances to keep them gassed up at $4.55 a gallon.


  2. He is adorable, great picture.

  3. OH my he is the cutest!!

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