Artistic Avenger

Here it is! The winner….



Thank you all for the visits and comments over the past few days! I am now over 21000!

So, the lucky person to receive the hardware is…..

Post #65…..

“I like lots of pictures, new entries not really tutorials but an easier way to do something like a shortcut.”

So, Latisha, just get in touch with my with your snail mail address and I’ll shoot this off to you ASAP!

Thanks again all and I’m working on answering all your great questions, I’ll post them soon!


5 thoughts on “Here it is! The winner….

  1. Wow thank you!!! I will email you with my addy. I’m so excited 🙂

  2. Congratulations Latisha for winning the blog candy.

  3. Congratulations Latisha! What a great prize for you! Lucky girl!

  4. Lucky lucky girl!!!! Fun stash ‘o stuff!!!!!!Congratulations!

  5. Hey Latisha,have fun with all those goodies!
    Lucky you!!!

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