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What? Not all companies have coordinating colours?



So, I’m going to a baby shower today and I need to wrap a present. I have lots of cute gift bags and bows but nothing matches! Is Stampin’ Up! the only company to do this? Okay, backtrack…I’m grumpy. I’ve been up since 4:30am and I’ve given up sugar for the past 3 weeks – I’m not a crazy fiend or anything, I’ll still have sugar in my tea but for those of you who know me, THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I’m a chocolate bar for breakfast kinda gal.

Back to the story….

So, I got some nice white gift bags the other day and decided to stamp the bag and add a bow – that didn’t work either cause they don’t match (did I mention it was around 5am when I decided to do this?).

Fine then, forget Hallmark, I’ll make my own! This is kinda my motto anyhow. So I grabbed some Paisley Designer paper and got started.

  • I cut out 1″x7″ strips (in this example I used 9). I started with 4 of those strips and made wide loops and affixed each with a glue dot. I then joined them all in the centre and stapled them. I did the same with the next 4 and made the loops a bit more narrow. I then joined the two sets of 4 together. Make sense so far? Sorry, it was early and I didn’t get the camera out!
  • Then, I took 4 1″x6″ strips and make loops again but a little more narrow than the last set. I stapled them together and used a large glue dot to add them to the bottom two layers…still got it?
  • To finish, I took the last 1″x7″ strip and made it into a circle. I glue dotted it into the centre of the bow, gave the whole thing a little “fluff” and done.

img_3276-medium1.jpgI added a Taken with Teal strip and another strip of designer paper to the bag and stamped some random images in Apricot, Teal and Olive.

These bows are really fun and easy to make – try it!


10 thoughts on “What? Not all companies have coordinating colours?

  1. You are a genius!! When I was reading your post I didn’t understand where the bow was that you were making. Ok, duh, it was right there on the bag!! I thought that was a bow that you bought in a store!! Then I looked at the second picture and it all made sense! WOW! What a nice gift for your friend. Not the gift inside but the bag and bow itself!! Thank you for sharing this! I am gonna’ have to try it!

  2. You are a genius!! What a great idea! And thank you so much for sharing it – I love your blog. From one sweet fiend to another, good luck with the sugar thing.

  3. Very pretty. Great job with the bow.

  4. I love this idea! thanks for shareing!

  5. Awesome Awesome idea, i’m running to go try it, thanks soo much for sharing !!

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! How creative… haven’t finished my blog post yet but I linked your post on it… this should be shared!!



  7. Awesome! I love matching gift wrap!

  8. You are just to creative and talented! This is just AWESOME and it matches everything!

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