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Dining with the Rubber Side Down Group


This past weekend was very busy for me. I was in a trade show all weekend as well, I hosted a dinner for my downline and their spouses. This was a time for us all to get to know each other better and celebrate our successes as a group (the name of our group is Rubber Side Down). Here are some (only a few) of the highlights:


Here are Diana and Heather in their feather boas on the deck, drinking the Rubber Side Down-tini!


Here is Heather with her two prizes. She won these awards for highest sales in my downline as well as most downline promotions.


Here is Elaine with her prize and Marnie’s (who couldn’t attend. You didn’t think I’d forget I gave that to you, did you?). Elaine and Marnie were both awarded for reaching their Stampin’ Start.


Miwa won two awards on this evening. One for most recruits and the other for my own personal Artisan Award. I’ll post her projects in the next couple of days – beautiful. All the entries were fantastic!


Here are some of the ladies doing the make and take project. Oh, but wait there is more….


Here is Andy (Janice’s husband) stamping his make and take as well as…..well, I’ll stop posting pictures now, I think you get the idea!!! It was a great evening and I’m looking forward to doing this again next year!


6 thoughts on “Dining with the Rubber Side Down Group

  1. Great pictures, sure looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. Looks like great fun! Way to go Andy!

  3. Oh poop, now I have to ‘fess up to Marnie! Thanks for such an entertaining evening,


  4. Now that sounds like loads of fun. Even the tini for someone who doesnt drink anymore. But that is my kind of man who will rubba stamp with you. woo hoo

  5. Wow, looks like you all had a BLAST!!

  6. Looks like it was ALOT of fun!

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