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Hot Blog & An Update!


I’ve discovered a little distraction, a Creative Distraction. Julie has started blogging just recently but is doing a great job so far! Go and check her out!


What is my update? Well, I named my vendor-fair-event-thing! I had thought I’d start small and have only 10 vendors well, at day’s end today I’m up to 25 with 5 more potentials. MAKE ME STOP AT 30!!!

Anyhow, here is the name…..Wishes & Wants Fair – A rare and unique shopping experience. A BIG thanks to my friend Colleen who helped with this and to my dear Cori and Stacie who had to endure me hounding them for ideas over dinner.

I’m thrilled and I can’t wait till November 16th!!!


2 thoughts on “Hot Blog & An Update!

  1. Is the wishes and wants fair on the 16th or the 26th of November?

  2. Hey! That’s me! You don’t know how excited I was to see your post featuring little old me. Wow! Thanks!!! I’ve been out of town the last couple of weeks and so I’ll be updating my blog this week.

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