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Cute little story


So, yesterday, the kids, myself, my sister and my mother-in-law decided to go to the PNE (our local summer fair). It was going to be a hot day and we thought it’d be fun. And it was!

Anyhow, on the way, we kept seeing UPS trucks and my kids kept getting super excited and yelling “there is the UPS man, mom!”.

After the third time, my mother-in-law says “why do you guys get so excited when you see a UPS truck? What does that mean?”

My 7-year-old daughter pipes up with “UPS means Stampin’ Up!, Nana”.

I love my kids.


3 thoughts on “Cute little story

  1. ROFLOL, that is so funny

  2. LOL…kids say the darnest things!! That is too cute!

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