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A Challenge for ALL!


My good friend Greg, aka Captain Crafter, is always putting challenges out there for us in blog-land to have our hand at. Well, he’s not posted his challenge this week and, therefore, I am rising to the “challenge” to put one out there (pun, completely intended and quite funny, I think).

So, here it is…..hope you enjoy it!


The only rules are this – there are none! Just use the sketch as a guide and pull out those long and narrow stamps – you know, the ones we sometimes leave to the back of the cabinet.

Bonus for using your stamps in a way that is not the norm – I love to see these great ideas.

So, just post your link in the comments section or email me a picture. I’ll post all the wonderful creations on August 30th!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Oh, mine? I’ll make it tonight and post it tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A Challenge for ALL!

  1. Thanks Carrie, this looks great!

  2. check out my blog for the sketch challenge! it’s under the heading “stem silhouette’s again!”

  3. I’ve never done a challenge before. But really wanted to do this one and I actually had time to stamp. I didn’t really do anything out of the norm…but here it is:

  4. A bit late but done nonetheless.

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