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I’m feeling tired – so lets give out some candy!


Wondering why I’ve not been doing anything fun lately? ‘Cause I’m working at my old job this week and been away from the old home computer. I’ve been spoiled over these past couple of years with being able to be home with the kids and not have to do the daily commute. Sure, I get up early everyday, but I don’t have to be on a bus at 5:45AM!

But even with all the fogginess of thought,  I did notice one thing….I’m close to 15,000 hits!

So, for this candy, you can do one of two things….

1.  Leave a comment and tell me what your “profession” is. I’m always interested to find out what people do. Or, if you promoted to a SAHM or SAHD, please let me know what you did in your “previous” life.


 2.  Email me a picture of a recent project to post!

I was going to close out the contest when 15,000 hits is reached but that didn’t take too long so I’ll keep the contest open till 8am PST on Aug 15th and in the meantime, I’ll come up with something fun to give as a prize….promise. (but I’m at the office and have no access to take a picture).

EDITED: Okay, I’m asking a personal question of you all and didn’t bother to put in what I do right now (or did for somewhere between 8-10 years before I left the “working world”).

I work/worked for the BC Transplant Society and was (and right now am) the Program Assistant for the Heart Transplant Program here in BC. I’m based out of St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver which is great come lunch time – can you say SHOPPING?


52 thoughts on “I’m feeling tired – so lets give out some candy!

  1. Ooooh, fun. 🙂 I am a SAHM, but up until I had my baby I worked at a hospital in the O.R. … the same hospital my baby was born in. 🙂 We always joked that if I went into labor I could just waddle down the hall to the Women’s Center. Lucky for me it was a Sunday that my water decided to break!! lol

  2. I’m a part time early-primary teacher, a part time photographer and a full-time mom! How does that work?? 🙂 Of course you know that already but I have been too busy recently to stamp anything! Good luck this week wth your crazy commute…

  3. I am a SAHM. I only worked at my local grocery store for about 5 months before I found out I was pregant. I was pregnant with my son my senior year of high school and had just got my first job and found out I was pregnant about a month after I started. 🙂

  4. I work part time at a Hallmark Store. And I make nearly all of my own cards! lol So much for that great discount at the store. Although occassionaly I do get a good idea or two from Hallmark.

  5. I am a CSR/Salesperson for a printing company. I was formerly a Graphic Designer, but got burnt out really quick. I would love to be promoted to a stay at home wife, but it looks like that is nowhere in my immediate future. 😦

  6. I wish I could stay home! It would be hard to give up my salary though! I would have no money to buy stamping stuff 🙂 I’m a high school librarian.

  7. I’m an empty-nester & grandma now! I’ve always been a SAHM – you know what that entails: Chauffeur, Chef, Doctor, Game Director, Umpire & too many more to name! I’m enjoying cardmaking & selling some so I can support my stamp habit!!!

  8. I have been a SAH’er for the past 4 years. Prior to that I worked as a computer programmer in health care. I recently signed up with Stampin’ Up, so have been trying to get a little business started with that. My husband has a small software company, so I help him out with the business on occasion.

  9. What a cute contest! I am sort of a SAHM but with a real job that I do from home…..not that a SAHM is not a real job 🙂 I am a Realtor so I get to work from home and spend time with the girls. At this time though, I am looking for something else to do outside the home while they are in school and let the hubby do all the Real Estate stuff!

  10. Wow, how great Congratulations on your hits, favorite profession, would have to say retired, but seriously Project Coordinator for Process redesign. Love finding out how processes work and then designing ways to improve efficency. But right now looking forward to retiring, only another year, hopefully, if all goes well.

  11. i am a sahm…previously, i was in school, because i met my husband, quit college, got married and 10 months later had a baby…i think for those 10 months i did some part time work at my church. life is so busy!

  12. I work in the business office of a group of 4 radio stations.

  13. Congratulations, you have a great blog. I’m a child care provider.

  14. Congrats on your blog hits; I just found your blog, and you have wonderful, creative projects here! Glad to see both cards and scrapbooking layouts. I am an elementary school teacher, and third grade is my favorite age to teach. Thanks for the chance to win a little blog candy.

  15. I am a systems anaylst – and am fortunate enough to telecommute.

  16. I am a customer service rep for a Credit Union – which is a fancy way of saying teller 😉 I also sell Stampin Up! – I think we are in the same downline -and most importantly I am a mom to a two year terror who loves to take apart my stamp desk!

  17. Hey Carrie, Congrats…but I didn’t read what you’re doing this week for work? I am currently a stampin’ up! demo and a SAHM to a 6 year old boy and a 22 month old boy. Life is crazy, but I really don’t want to have to go back to work at the Rehabilitation Clinic I used to work at. Loved everyone I worked with and the patients I do miss, but the actual job?…..not so much. I do however, really really really miss my paycheque…..

    All worth the trade offs to stay at home with my boys!

  18. Hi Carrie

    I am translator, I translate new patents and medicine books from English to Portuguese.
    I work most of time at home in my computer….
    But love to make cards and scrap in my spare time

  19. I’m a corporate interior designer. Making cards is my real creative outlet. It’s the only opportunity where I can express my creativity without direction from clients!

  20. I am a SAHM! I do sell SU! and love creating cards and altering objects! Here is a card I created yesterday:

  21. well, before I was a SAHM I worked as a loan office at a local credit union. Not too exciting!

  22. Your job sounds pretty important, with transplants and all. I might need your services some day…by the way…what parts would I need for a transplant to excessive stamping addict?
    We are retired, mostly I was a SAHM for most of it, but I did work off and on for the extra $. I used to be a sales clerk for Penneys & the Bon Marche, during the holidays. I did waitress work when I was younger and cashier at the movie theatre. Just odd jobs, like I said to help out. I have even had a daycare for awhile, which I loved because I love children.

  23. I am an early childhood educator and work full time as a daycare supervisor/director and then full time as a Mom.

  24. I’m a vocational rehabilitation consultant and always encourage my clients to take up hobbies to help find “balance” in life. I’m finally taking my own advice. Carrie, you’ll get used to commuting again, but I recommend some good cd’s to listen or treat yourself to an IPOD with all your favorites. I often check out your blog for fun during lunch-thanks!

  25. Hi Carrie!
    Congratulations on 15,000!!!
    And thanks for offering a give-away!

    I was involuntarily retired (downsized) 3 years ago, and have spent the last 3 years completing my bachelor’s degree. When I was working, I was a computer support specialist.

  26. Congrats on your 15K milestone! I have just started my own blog and hope to reach a high goal like that someday…
    I am a Librarian and manage 2 departments of a local public library. Sometimes I wish I was unemployed so I could stamp more!

  27. I am a SAHM right now, but will be soon looking for a job. My prior position was as an office manager, but I may want to do something a little easier like being a receptionist.
    Thanks for offering blog candy!

  28. I am happily retired after 44 years working in a real estate office (all for the same company!)
    Congrats on your 15000 hits!

  29. I teach Jr High Bible full time at a Christian school. And I’m a Stampin’ Up demonstrator! And I teach a few piano lessons on the side!!

  30. Howdy! I’m a SAHM for the last 4 yrs, I have a 4 yr old and a 19 mon. I also do pet sitting in my home AND an SU demo (one year next month).

    AND here’s a post of my recent stuff, SU Christmas Card Club cards:

    Bobbie *Ü*

  31. I always tell people that I am a SAHM, and don’t often mention that I am also the property manager of a set of 10 townhouses. I live in one, my uncle in another, so I only really have to take care of the other 8. But my “work” includes finding new tenants as needed, taking care of tenants/townhouse when moving out, taking maintenance requests, and receiving rent. In my prior “life”, I worked as a pediatric physical therapist. Congrats on your blog – it’s really great! Thank for sharing your creative work with us.

  32. Hi! My ‘real’ job is as a Special Education Assistant presently in an elementary school in a nearby school district. I love working with kids, and being in a school every day is alot of work, but alot of fun too! I’d love to be able to do my Stampin’Up! business full time – maybe when my kids are older and I have more time….(like that’s ever going to happen!!!)
    Thanks for a chance at some great goodies!!
    Heather L.

  33. Hello! I am currently a SAHM, but before that, I was an engineer. I was just finishing my master’s degree in project management when I got pregnant, so I’ve never used that degree! I loved being an engineer, but being a SAHM is much more rewarding (although not so much so in the scrapbooking goodie department)!!

  34. Congrats on your hits and how sweet to celebrate with your readers. I work in a payroll, which can be very stressful. I’m just so glad I have my stampin to balance it out. Thanks for a chance.

  35. I am a receptionist at a veterinary hospital and absolutely love my job. I love working with animals and we have some wonderful clients. thanks for sharing blog candy with us all!!! 🙂

  36. I am a stay at home Mom of 3 children. Before motherhood I managaed a bar. Now these didn’t quite go hand and hand so I quit work when I became a MOM. No regrets.

  37. CONGRATULATIONS on your hits! Well right now I am a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful girls. I love every minute of it! Before i had odd jobs all the time working on farms, managing a little motel and working in factory.

  38. Carrie, what an eclectic group of fans you have! This is interesting to read. I’m an RN, and have been doing ER nursing for 26 very long years. Stamping is my sanity!! Congratulations on your blog, I enjoy it very much.

  39. Congratulations on 15 000 hits! I used to be a teacher (junior high Social Studies and Language Arts), but I promoted to SAHM (I like how you phrased that!) to two little boys, a one-year-old and a three-year-old.

  40. I am a SAHM of 12 years. Before that I worked at a doctor’s office doing dictation. Fun, Fun!!!

  41. Hi!! 15,000 is quite nice!

    I am in recruitment advertising in Seattle. Know any companies that need to hire? I help them spend their money so they get the best exposure and return on investment! 😉

  42. Congrats on 15000 hits! Nice blog:) You make lovely cards!

    I don’t work due to illness so I am on benefits. I hope to work again one day soon. I used to work in a travel equipment/purse store and study Social Anthropology & Art. Now I am trying to learn different crafts so maybe I can make a living from home.

    Sorry if I post this too late but I don’t get time zones. To confusing for me.

  43. I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant, but mostly a SAHW, since the kids are older and gone from home. Thanks for sharing…all your goodies and inspiration.


  44. I work as an Account Payable Clerk/Quality Control Coordinator at a large metal distributor in Newfoundland.

    Congrats on the hits on your blog.

  45. Hi Carrie!
    Congratulations on 15,000!!!
    And thanks for offering a give-away!

    When I was working, I was a computer support specialist.
    Right now, I am a student finishing up my bachelor’s.

    Love the little rusty paisley you posted!

  46. Yipee!!! 15K!!! 🙂

    Before I was promoted to a SAHM I was a Program Assistant to the Coordinator of M&O for our local school district. I worked primarily with Capital and Special Projects. I loved my job and miss my co-workers but being able to raise my little daughter is an adventure and blessing from God.

  47. I am an Elementary Physical Education teacher. I have to go back to school TOMORROW & I’m not happy about it!!

  48. I dont know if this is still open as it comes thru my email at 11:22 AM well after you closed this contest. Oh well. I am a domestic engineer. Kids are all grown and gone. But based on all the things I do-youdont want a list-according to the governement my jobs would pay 143,000.00 a year.

    my last job I actually got paid for was waitressing in a college hangout back in the early 70’s. I worked 60 hours a week and took home 50 after taxes. what a scam.

  49. Hmm… before I promoted to a SAHM, I worked as a graphic designer for a print production house. Company went under, lost my job, decided that was the sign, so we started our family and here I am!

  50. I worked in an urgent care center for 15 years. My cancer returned 1 1/2 years ago and since it’s terminal I was able to quit work and get on Disability. I LOVE staying home and making cards all day long:)

  51. I am a Property Manager. The company I work for owns 9 buildings and I record the rents collected, prepare leases and just generally listen to complaints from the tenants!! A bit hectic but I have become ‘friends’ with many of the tenants and 98% of them are great….the other 2% BAH!

  52. Well I am retired from the USPS after 30 years now I spend my days doing what I love crafting.

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