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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….


Christmas? Oh yeah, it is.

Last night we had our local demonstrator meeting (so much fun!) and the ladies who attended Convention did some demos of the great things we learned. I was SO wowed by the icicles that Shelli demo’d that I had to do that one. Here are my four sample projects.


As you can see on each project, there are some sparkling little icicles hanging down. These are SO simple to make yet they are SO effective. This is all you do….

Take a piece of wax paper and grab your Crystal Effects. Now, “draw” some icicles on the wax paper using the applicator tip. Take your Dazzling diamonds and “with a light hand and not too much DD” sprinkle some glitter over the Crystal Effects. You are going to want to let this dry for a few hours (overnight if possible) or you could use your heat tool (but I don’t know what that would do really cause I haven’t tried it). Then, just peel the icicles off the wax paper and add to a project with mini glue dots!

Here is a close up of the 6×6 page:


And here is a close up of the cute little 3×3 note card:


Give this a try – it is a great WOW technique!


6 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….

  1. These are great, love the penguin card, it is too cute

  2. These are too cute!! I KNEW I should have come to the meeting last night!!

    Great blog, Carrie!

  3. Those are very pretty! Christmas is coming so fast I guess we have to start those cards so we get them all done on time!

  4. Wow! Love the icicles! I’m going to go try that. TFS!

  5. Love the icicles — I need to try that.

  6. Oh the excitement!! I love the icicle effect and it does in fact look very simple to do. Thank you!

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