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Ribbon Pull Card Tutorial


This is a continuation of yesterday’s post….remember this card?


Well, I’m going to show you how to make it! I know it’s hard to see on a flat image but this baby moves! If you look to the left and right of the mustard strip, you’ll see some red grosgrain. Well, pull on either side and the lion scallop moves! Here is how to make this great card….


First, take a strip of cardstock and make a “track” by cutting two parallel lines in it. Do not cut all the way to the end as then your focal piece will just fall off.


Next, take a small piece of cardstock and wrap it around the “track” and glue it together (not to the track but to itself). You should be able to move this piece along the track. This is where you will adhere your focal piece. I would recommend using a mini-glue dot for this as it is small and will not get caught on the “track”


Now, if you flip that piece over, you’ll see the underside of the “track”. This is where you’ll adhere your ribbon pulls. This is just one long piece of ribbon (approx 16″). Again, I’d adhere the ribbon with a mini glue dot. You’ll want to centre the ribbon to the card when you stick it on.


Now, after all your track pieces are added, you can add the whole kit and kaboodle to the card. As you can see from the picture above, YOU DO NOT want to put adhesive behind the track or you will not be able to pull your piece from side to side.

Give this a try – it is a fun card and kids LOVE it!


8 thoughts on “Ribbon Pull Card Tutorial

  1. This is a super fun card, I especially like the main image it looks like a badge. Kids would love that. Great job Carrie.

  2. What a great idea Carrie. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, this is such a fun kids card,

  4. OOh This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great idea — love it. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Great card. Love the images and the way it slides. TFS!

  7. LOVE this card!…thanks for another great TUTE!!

  8. Hey hun, great blog post. Do you have an rss feed that I can subscribe to?

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