Artistic Avenger

I ROCK – apparently!


I was tagged by Tara and she feels I’m a Rockin’ Girl Blogger! This is so very exciting!

I understand what I need to do now is post this badge on my sidebar (HELP HELP HELP – I can’t quite figure this out) and tag 5 more rockin’ girls. I’ll do my best…..

1. Pam at Stamper’s Getaway

2. Shannon at Stamp Till You Cramp

3. Tobi at Tobi’s Place

4. Alison at Stamp Crazy!

5. Laurie at Just Give Me Stamps

There are SO many awesome blogs out there and I only picked a few but I could have picked so many more. Thanks for all the inspiration – you all ROCK!


3 thoughts on “I ROCK – apparently!

  1. wow! thanx.. it took me a while to find your site ’cause you have your blogger site attached to your comment on my blog, but i’m glad i found you!! thank you for naming me a rockin’ girl blogger {hugs}.
    see you soon!

  2. Hi Carrie, thanks for tagging me! I’m so flattered. I have a little thank you for you, if you could please email me your address, I’ll send it to you! Thanks!

  3. Hey Carrie! To get the icon on the sidebar, I right-clicked on the image, then chose “copy image location”. Then I went into the sidebar layout place on my blog editer and used “add image” (I’m on blogspot, so it might be different for wordpress). I just pasted the image address in the spot it asked for (I pressed control-v to do that). Hope this works for you!

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