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One Room – Finished!


If you remember, I’ve been working on my kids rooms recently. Well, I’m finished my son’s and thought I’d show it to you. Now, keep in mind, this is not an Extreme Makeover moment, but I’m pleased with it! This is from one angle:

And from the other:


Thanks for looking! Now, what am I most proud of? Well, when I picked the colours I realized that the wall colour and colour of the wood on his picture frames was almost the same. Solution? Choose three colours, red/green/blue, from the quilt and paint squares behind them to make them “pop”.

Also, finding curtains is such a chore for me. What to do? Take my old denim (Ralph Lauren too!) duvet cover and cut it in half. I used little clip tabs on top and, voila, curtains!

Lastly, my FAVOURITE part of his room is his sport ball artwork over his bed. I picked up the frame at Ikea and it had a picture in it but was on clearance for $4. I ripped out the picture and chose three colours of SU cardstock that matched the room – Creamy Caramel, Ballet Blue and Mellow Moss. I then put in three foamy balls from the dollar store and closed up the frame. Here is a close up:


Stay tuned – I’ll have my daughter’s room to show you soon!


9 thoughts on “One Room – Finished!

  1. The room is great and love the idea about painting the wall behind the pictures, what a great idea. The frame over the bed with the sport balll is fantastic. So cool, it is great thinking outside the box.

  2. Great job on the room and I love your picture!

  3. That is soooo cute! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

  4. What a great job you did. I just love the colors behind the artwork on the walls. Very cool idea!
    A job well done for sure – one to be proud of.

  5. OH way cute, looks right out of Pottery Barn kids magazine and that is a huge complement!! You are getting me inspired to do my daughters room.
    You rock!

  6. I love the room! Great idea to paint around the pictures, it adds dimension.

    What are the pictures of the left of the door? They look interesting!

  7. Want to come over and do my girls’ rooms next?


  8. The pictures by the door are a large cycling poster from the Tour de France. I cut it in half and mounted them close together.

    Thanks for asking and for all your kind comments. Owen loves his room too!

  9. Great color choices. Love the frame over the bed, what a great idea adding the foam balls.

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