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10,000 Hits Blog Candy!


EDITED: Okay all, this has now been closed for entries! I’ll be drawing via random number generator to find out who WON! Thanks so much for all of your comments and well wishes. 

I can’t quite believe I made it to 10,000 hits! Thank you all SO much for all your support.

I’ve got to sit and do a bit of stamping today as I had my Open House yesterday and was not able to produce something new to show today. But for now, how ’bout a picture of something sweet?

Here goes…..


The winner will receive a new Thats So Nice stamp set, some UHU glue, a 6×6 album kit and a roll of orchid ribbon!

Here is the skinny:

Post to this thread until Wednesday, July 18th at 8am – only one post per person please. What should I have you all do? Hmmmm… Okay, got it!

What was the first stamping technique that made you go WOW? It could be as simple as two step stamping or as hard as something else…just let me know! Or, ask me a question, it’s up to you!

Bonne chance!


78 thoughts on “10,000 Hits Blog Candy!

  1. The first technique that made me go WOW was the rock and roll technique! It’s so simple, but when I saw it on Nicole Heady’s blog I had to hunt down a tutorial. I tried it out and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  2. The first Stampin’ Up! workshop that I attended as a guest was a total WOW moemnt. After that moment, I wanted everything! Thee was dry embossing on vellum…..very elegant, and of course the magic card gets me everytime….still does. I still have lots to learn and many more A-HA moments are sure to come. Great candy! Look forward to seeing you at our Aug 7th meeting! Is there a swap happening at this meeting do you know? If there is I want in!

  3. The first stamping technique that made me go wow, was embossing, a friend that was into stamping came to visit and showed this go you and must say when the embossing began to pop, my mouth literlly dropped and I heard myself go WOW.

  4. My first technique was popping pastels!! Great blog!

  5. I love heat embossing…the way the ink just “glows” and pops off the page (esp. on a Christmas card) never fails to impress (even now!). Thanks Carrie!

  6. The first SU! demonstration I attended had me hooked from the start. It seems so simple now, but I was WOWed by chalks and blender pens that first night. They are still one of my favorite mediums to use.

  7. Well I have been stamping for over 15 years, but I do remember being in awe the first time watching an SU demo use embossing powder! I didn’t own a heat gun, so used to do my embossing over the toaster and electric stove- ouch! After burning my fingers one too many times, I drove into town and bought a heat tool (which I thought was so costly at the time). I still get a thrill watching the powder melt!

  8. Embossing did it for me It was like magic.

  9. Must be embossing. First time I saw that many years ago it just made me WOW!

  10. Wow – congrats on 10,000 hits! I’m going to have to be unoriginal here and say embossing really grabbed me. I had no idea how it worked, and when I saw how easy it was, I was hooked!

  11. I fell in love with poppin’ pastels from the start. So easy. Relatively inexpensive, too. I love the soft look you get…

  12. Embossing of course. I’d never seen anything like that and I didn’t even think I could do it. Boy was I ever wrong and it was worth the try.

  13. My first stamping tecnique that I really loved was sooting!! I love the looks of this. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Hi Carrie!
    Congratulations on 10,000…way to go!!!

    The first SU party I sent to, they demonstrated heat embossing, which I had never seen before. That was definitely a WOW moment 🙂

  15. I am always WOWed by all of the techniques and creations I learn. I think the very first one was poppin’ pastels.
    Congrats on making 10,000. You go girl!

  16. What was the first stamping technique that made you go WOW? I’d have to say heat embossing was the first WOW for me. That was several years ago, but it’s a classic!

  17. Love your blog ! I have a question, how do you store your paper and embellishments?

  18. Wow, to remember back to the beginning…11 years ago…I think embossing did it for me. How cool was that melting “stuff!” I rarely emboss anymore. Maybe I’ll get the stuff out and do it today.

  19. At the first workshop I attended we did crayon resist…super WOW moment! Congratulations on the hits:)!

  20. As a fairly new stamper (only 1 year), it seems like everything has my saying “Wow”. I would have to say, though, that heat embossing with SU irridescent ice has me going “wow”. It always seems like magic watching the powder turn liquid, and I love the sparkle. Great blog candy, thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I do believe it was heat embossing. Congrats on the success of your blog!


  22. Congratulations on your hits! My first one was just using the blender pen with the crayons or pens from SU. I thought it was soo neat! Crazy eh. Great blog candy!

  23. Cool blog candy! I think the first technique that I just went wow for was brayered backgrounds using a spectrum pad or similar (the Adirondack ones are my favourite).
    Congrats on the # of hits! It’s a great blog 😀

  24. Oooh, fun. The 1st that I remember is way before I started stamping, and someone at work one year gave our department a DARLING Christmas card with such cute dry embossing. I had no idea how she made it so cute! Now that I stamp, I wish I could get my hands on that card to CASE it! lol. Thanks!

  25. The first technique was heat embossing. In fact, it still makes my husband go WOW! LOL!

  26. My first would have been plain old embossing! lol. When My Demo showed me how to do it a year ago I was like wow thats so cool! I went out and bought like 6 difrent colours! I use it a bit but now I know soo many more things! its hard to use them all!

  27. I would have to say that it was Embossing. How cool is it that it just gets all bubbly and rises like that. It was the coolest thing EVER! 🙂

  28. I’m sure it wasnt my first wow moment, but the first that comes to mind is the rock and roll technique. I had been using stamps for quite a while when I first saw this done and I remember being amazed. It never would have occured to me on my own to double ink a stamp like that.


  29. Hi Carrie,

    There were a few but my big WOW, well, let’s just say it involved you and Kissing!!

    Take care,

    (and her three little screaming daughters)

  30. Great candy! I tink the first thing that wowed me was embossing. I loved how it melted and turned all shiney. I never emboss anymore. I’ll have to give it a try again.

  31. My first wow, way back when, was chalks and versamark. Lots of new wows now, but that was a first and it hooked me for stamping.

    Great blog candy. Thanks!!

  32. How much fun is this? I love hearing about all the wonderful things that wowed you.

    Funny, I never tend to do any sort of embossing at workshops, maybe I need to. Kissing and poppin’ pastels are always a fave for me to demo at a worksop too!

    And, Elaine, thanks for the memories…..:-)

  33. Heat embossing is my favorite WOW! I use it on almost everything. My second was using alcohol inks.

  34. Definitely heat embossing for me too! I first tried it in college. I remember one night I was hanging out with a group of friends and I brought my stamping supplies along. Even the guys were oohing and aahing over the embossing!!

  35. i think it was faux stitching!
    thanks for the great blog candy!

  36. I have to agree with Cheryl K and say the old versamark and chalk really amazed me!! So did the embossing powder so I am not sure which one was first. Those seem so simple now!!

  37. hi carrie,

    the first technique that made me go “wow” was paper piercing. becase “wow… that’s so easy!”… 🙂

  38. I think it would have to be embossing…this was the first technique I used for a mass project 🙂 My first hand made Christmas cards…FIVE years ago!! It has been a blast creating ever since! Congrats on the 10000…and for the opportunity to win some awesome candy!!

  39. It was faux stitching and dry embossing!

    Thanks for a chance at the great blog candy! Congrats!

  40. Looks like a lot of us had a Wow moment with the embossing powder – add me to the list! I am still amazed every time I use it – makes a card look so special!

  41. I was wowed by the two step stamping…Love the way it looks…I’m not so hot at the embossing, but I like the way it looks, especially when you rub brown ink over black embossing and it looks like leather…way cool!

  42. Wow – congrats on 10,000 hits! Since I am still considered a newbie when it comes to doesn’t take much to WOW me. There have been so many techniques that I have tried that definately have the wow factor. For me I guess it would have been using H2O’s since I tried them before heat embossing.
    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy.

  43. Congats on 10,000 hits – what an achievement. What WOWed me in my early stamping days was heat embossing which I hardly do any more as there are so many other techniques I like to try.

  44. Congrats on your hits. Wow what AWESOME candy and a fun way you are celebrating with your stamper readers. I remember going WOW on dry embossing. Not by the machine, by doing it by hand and the light box. Thanks for a chance.

  45. Definitely heat embossing. I couldn’t believe the results! I was hooked after seeing that demo!

  46. Congratulations on the success of your blog. I enjoy visiting it. The first technique that amazed me was poppin’ pastels. Thanks for offering such super blog candy.

  47. The first stampin’ technique that made me go “wow” was embossing. That was over 7 years ago. Many more things have wowed me since.

  48. I believe embossing…..
    I love it until today


  49. Definitely heat embossing – I thought it was pretty magical!

  50. At my very first SU! workshop, I got a WOW when the demo used Crystal Effects with her project. I had to get it after that!

  51. The first stampin technique that made me go WOW was literally the first time I ever stamped, so it would have to be masking. I was so hooked immediately! Love your blog!

  52. Wonder color crayons and the aquapainter. My 7th grade art teacher said I had no talent.I Used the wonder color crayons and a little water and poof – I had talent! teehee

  53. Mine first WOW was poppin’ pastels. It was just amazing to see the image appear!

    Congratulations on your blog being so popular and I can understand why – it’s fantastic and I check in here almost daily.

  54. Poppin was like magic and I loved it!

  55. Cracked glass. Just kept wanting to crack that piece of paper.

  56. My first WOW was when I learned how to do the Polished Stone technique. It still amazes me today how different each card looks using this technique. Congratulations on your 10,000 hits!

  57. Dry embossing still wows me to this day and remains one of my favorites. Congrats on reaching a milestone of hits:)

  58. I’ve really enjoyed using the embossing paste on Christmas cards last year. I’ve only used it the one time, but it definitely had the “wow factor”. The first time I saw anyone use it was on a crafting TV educational program & I went right out to buy some, I was so impressed.

  59. Cracked Glass had to be it. It’s so gorgeous!

  60. I think that masking always looks really neat. I know it takes extra time and work but I think that the rewards are worth it…now if I could do it myself better…
    Congrats on all of your hits and thanks for offering such yummy candy!

  61. The first stamping technique I did that made me go “WOW” was masking. I LOVED the technique at my first experience with it. To duplicate part of an image without getting the rest of the image over the one you first made was like magic to me!!!

  62. Hands down, no contest–HEAT EMBOSSING! This stamping technique hooked me in instantly and it still does to this day :o)

  63. Probably heat embossing for me … but every new stamping technique I learn is still a WOW moment! After five years of stamping, I’m still having those WOW moments!

  64. I’ve only used it a couple of times since, but the first time someone showed me metallic pencils highlighting something stamped on dark paper, I thought, “WOW.”

  65. My sister recently showed me how she uses her Stickles. It has definitely added some extra WOW to my cards and scrapbook pages.

  66. My favorite has to be the watercolor crayons. I’ve done some stamping before, but it seemed like a lot of work, instead of fun (my first attempt was making my christmas cards in mass production…arghh!) But once a friend showed me her watercolor crayons and how it turned every item into a work of art, I was hooked. Unfortunately, I’m using some watercolor pencils from M’s as I can’t afford all of the crayons from SU!, but soon…very soon! Congrats on all the hits!

  67. Watercoloring!!!! I just love it, that was my first…..Now it’s the baby wipe technique!!

    Melissa Tootle

  68. I think learning embossing-well watching it-was the first thing I did. When I saw a plain black stamped image, I thought-okay-what is the hullaballoo about. then it got embossed with black detail powder and just watching it pop off the page was insane!! I have never looked back.

  69. Well Id say my first technique was popping pastels!!

  70. My first WOW! in stamping would have to have been embossing. That in turn lead to other adventures for me, such as using inks all over the card and then being able to wipe off the embossed parts to keep that as it was. The color combinations and possibilities are endless.

  71. I would have to say heat embossing. I still love the way the image just ‘pops’ on the page. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome blog candy!

  72. I was absolutely wowed by a resist technique that I saw demonstrated at a store in Michigan a long while ago. The lady stamped and clear embossed a PSX rose all over a navy piece of cs. Next she applied different colors of pigment ink to color the image in. She wiped off the embossed lines so the navy cs showed through. Then she stamped a Magenta delicate butterfly in gold to fill in the background. I loved it. Of course I now have those stamps – LOL!

  73. Like many others, I was first impressed with heat embossing. All that shine. I’m still impressed with it. I also love glitter art of any kind. Perhaps my second favorite was the first I saw of paper piercing. It just added so much to cards.
    Congrats on 10,000 hits. linda

  74. My first Wow technique was heat embossing at a stamping up party which i was invited by my niece. I new nothing about card makins…well boy oh boy did I get into to it.I just love it now , there’s so much you can do!!! Great candy by the way!!!

  75. It was probably at least 5 yrs. ago, but embossing really caught my eye and wows me to this day. I burned a big scorch mark in my parent’s white dining room carpet when I was learning how to do it. Yikes:(

  76. Using dry embossing stencils was the first technique that really made me think … wow, I can do this & I can make cool cards. I loved using my stylus and getting that marvelous raised effect.

  77. Love the room makeover- the painted color blocking is a great idea, as well as the denim curtains- CUTE!

    So, i’m posting but not to win- just to say hi! I’ve popped in to visit your blog before and it’s great! If my post wins, pick another poster for the goods instead! LOL!

  78. My first wow moment was when I attended an SU workshop
    and she taught us about heat embossing and dry embossing.
    After that I was hooked.

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