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The Reason I’m Sometimes Distracted


I’m finding with the arrival of summer, I sometimes don’t want to stamp. Okay, get up off the floor now, its going to be alright. We moved recently (6 months ago) and this is our first summer in our new place. I knew it’d be great living by the water, but I didn’t realize how often I’d want to just be at the beach.

So, when you are surfing my blog and there is nothing there, it’s cause I’m here….


With these guys…


My husband is off for the summer – it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!


5 thoughts on “The Reason I’m Sometimes Distracted

  1. That is totally understandable. I have to admit if I lived near the water I would find it difficult to get anything done, but watching it!! Nothing better than hearing the water and a good book!

    Diane 🙂

  2. I’m jealous. No beaches near me, and I have no intention to go play in the Mississippi River.

  3. How great, totally understand, I would also be at the beach with the crew enjoying the day.

  4. We have a beach but the water is freezing. Literally freezing. Burrr…..
    Oh enjoy what God has given you and soak up the fun.

  5. I would definitely be at the beach too. Have fun for me too.

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